About Us

A Long Time Ago..

This is a project 25 years in the making. Friends since the elementary school days Bigfoot and I have always gamed together. From games like Toejam & Earl on the Sega Genesis and Mario Kart 64 on the N64 to Minecraft on PS4 or Animal Crossing on 3DS.

We've always talked about different endeavors in the gaming industry and have decided its time to stop talking and to put it into action! This site is dedicated to gamers of all types and all generations. We love gaming and want to share our thoughts and experiences with others. Everything we say here is our opinion. We just hope that through it some of you will play something new.

Feel free to make comments and suggestions to us as well. You think we may like a game? Send us an email and we will see if we can't find time to play it and review it! We hope you enjoy our site and look forward to sharing it with the Every-Gamer.

Meet the Team

These guys are at the core of AlmostPerfectGamer.com and are responsible for bringing you all the reviews you read on this site.

Nick "Bigfoot" Bennett

& Editor

I love video games and writing so this was my perfect mash-up. I'd pick story over a heartless, but beautiful, title any day.

Kris "Krispy" Perry

& Writer

Video games have always been a passion for me. Give me a platformer, or an RPG and I'll be a happy guy.