Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is an ambitious 3DS game with a ton to do. But does it have enough long lasting appeal for you to keep you coming back? Check out our Almost Perfect review.

Animal Crossing is just one of those games that when you try to explain it, it just doesn't sound that fun. But if you've ever sat down and given any of the Animal Crossing games a go, you've most likely seen that the game doesn't need to necessarily make sense to be a ton of fun. New Leaf stays very true to that level of fun.

If you've never played an Animal Crossing game before, the premise is rather simple. You are venturing out on your own for the first time. You start by heading to the town of "enter clever city name here," of which you can pick the layout from some randomly generated maps and then start a new adventure.

When you arrive at the town it doesn't take long for the town's entrepreneur to see a wide-eyed inexperienced youngster to swindle. Before you know it you are forever paying off debts to Tom Nook. But you're going to need a house anyways, so why not do it the easiest way you can with no mon... Err bells!

Once you get past the intro, Animal Crossing truly shines! The game all plays in real time, according to what you have your 3DS clock set to. It's Monday July 7th at 4:52 PM? Then it is in the game as well. Each month and season offer their own activities to look forward to taking part in that help keep the game fun to play for a long period of time.

The amount of things you can do in this game seem endless. There are so many different furniture styles to collect and decorate with. The amount of options to add liveliness to your town are plentiful. Collecting fish, bugs, fossils and art add quite a bit of fun for completionists. The townsfolk can change regularly and prove rather entertaining. Not to mention the multiplayer adds so much to do.

Venturing into a friend's town and trying to sweet talk their favorite townsperson in to moving into your town never gets old! Plus there is the option of going to Tortimer's island with your friends to play mini games, which proves to be a nice distraction.

Animal Crossing truly thrives in its customization. You want your house to look like a dilapidated shack? Go ahead! How about a feudal Japan style home? Be my guest! Those are just a few examples. You can take your town from a quiet village to a bustling city with coffee shops and clubs if you so choose. There truly is a lot of options if you just let your mind and creative abilities go wild!

I've been playing Animal Crossing since it's first North American release on the GameCube and, in my opinion, New Leaf is the current Pinnacle in the series. It's a game that has as much playability as you want it to. It's not your common action-y, shooter type of game. Nor is it a puzzler, platformer or most other things you can think of. It's just Animal Crossing. That fact alone gives it more than enough depth to be worth a go for any 3DS owner.




Bigfoot - I'd almost throw this under sandbox games; So much to do! The best thing is waiting to see what tomorrow brings.

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