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The Nintendo Switch: Six Months (Almost) Later

Can you believe it’s already been almost six months? I know I can’t. It seems like just yesterday Bigfoot and I were sending messages back and forth speculating about what features, games, apps and other things Nintendo’s new hybrid console would bring! So the question now is, has the Switch been able to live up to that massive hype train that it was able to build up the 6 months before its launch? In short I feel the answer is, yes.

The Good

Let’s start with one word: Zelda. If you have picked up a Switch it’s almost guaranteed you’ve played Zelda. And what an adventure it is. The massive world was a fantastic showcase of how an open world game fits so perfect on this hybrid home/handheld console. It made it so easy to sink hundreds of hours into the beautiful world.

And that is where the Switch truly shines. Just as it was advertised, being able to seamlessly undock my system and continue my adventure on the go is beyond fantastic. It’s something 15 year old me dreamed about doing, and now it’s a beautiful reality. Someone else needs to use the TV and you are in the middle of a race on Mario Kart? No worries, I’ll just pause my game and undock my Switch! Get home from riding in the car and want to keep your adventure going in Cave Story, but on a bigger screen? Dock that bad boy back up! It’s just so flawless. It legitimately makes me happy.

Then there’s the game line up. Sure, at launch it was a bit scarce. But Zelda’s massive adventure made up for that ten times over. Then it wasn’t long before the quality titles started coming out. Binding of Isaac, Mario Kart 8D, Minecraft, Arms, Overcooked, Splatoon 2 and Sonic Mania just to name a few. The quality of these games is so high it’s hard not to be happy with them. Sure, all but Arms and Sonic are re-releases or ports. But is that such a bad thing, to have that wonderful hybrid console option? Especially if you haven’t played them or loved them enough to buy them again! And with the near future having games on the horizon such as Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battles, Pokken Tournament DX, Rayman Legends, Mario Odyssey, Stardew Valley, Thimbleweed Park and Xenoblade Chronicles 2, the future looks very bright for the Switch! Not to mention that’s just a small handful of games announced.

One last note in the good column, Splatoon 2’s newest mode, Salmon Run is oh so good. Be on the look out for our upcoming Splatoon 2 review for more but I will say this, one of my new favorite gaming sessions is getting 3 more friends together and playing some Salmon Runs. It is freaking fantastic.

The Not So Good

It’s hard for me to put anything in this column, but there is one thing that the Switch hasn’t done so well yet that has to be mentioned. And that is it’s online features.

Before I start my small rant I will say this, I’m giving them time to sort this out. I hope and pray that by the time their service goes to a paid service, we have a full fledged online service. But as of right now, it’s just severely lacking.

The fact that we still have to use friends codes, maybe not 100% of the time, but a lot, is just sad to me. The lack of being able to do basic things like send a message to a friend, create parties or chat with ease… is just sad. For a system with such a push to play with your friends, I wish this was all easier. And the recent release of Nintendo’s online chat app is pitiful. We shouldn’t need so many cords to chat in 2017, not to mention being tied to an app that has to be running in the forefront with the phone on to work!! But that being said there is potential here. The ability to look at your friends playtime of games is a nice little feature. Plus the fact that the system notifies you when a friend is online and what they are playing is a really nice feature. But there is a lot to improve here. I just hope they do it before the launch of the paid service in 2018.


The positives for the Switch far outweigh the negative. Because in my opinion there aren’t that many real negatives.  I honestly believe Nintendo will remedy the few flaws to the best of their ability. On the other had there is so many good things. The system just plays so flawlessly. The display is beyond pretty. The game selection is solid for it only being six months in, with no end in sight of awesome additions. Nintendo is supporting and pushing the system so hard it gives me a ton of faith in its future. So at this point, almost 6 months past what was possibly my most hyped console launch to date I can comfortably say that the Switch is a success.

Oh and I still love the sound the Joy Cons make when you click them on;)

The Switch: Five Nintendo IPs I Want to See

With the Switch just around the corner it’s time to do some talking. As a long time Nintendo fan I have a lot to be excited about from the system. It’s hybrid handheld/home console style is a concept from my dreams. Like, literally I’ve dreamt about a system like this! Now it’s happening. Until the release of the system I plan on doing some speculation articles. Articles to whet our appetites.

Today’s Theme:
Five Nintendo IPs I Want to See

We all have a favorite Nintendo franchise. With a company with such a rich library of original IPs it can be hard to pick a favorite!! We already know that we are getting titles from The Legend of Zelda franchise, Mario Kart, Splatoon, Fire Emblem and of course, a new Mario game. But with so many more to choose from what else will they bring on to the new system? Here are my picks for five Nintendo franchises (in no particular order) I want to see on the Switch:

1. F-Zero

This series is such a great one. We went three console cycles in a row, each with its own great F-Zero. Each one progressively better up until the fantastic F-Zero GX on the GameCube. Somehow that game still manages to look amazing today and it hasn’t lost it’s blazing sense of speed! It is such a fun racing game.

The switch would make a great opportunity for its return after being completely MIA after the last two console cycles. With games like Fast RMX (Which looks amazing BTW) being shown as an early Switch title it shows how the system is perfect to showcase the crazy Sci-Fi tracks that the series is famous for! And with the Switch getting a decent online system finally (fingers crossed) we would be able to take the races online. But even local multiplayer would be easy and awesome with the Joycons! The system just feels like the perfect place for Captain Falcon to roost at.

2. Pokémon 

Easily the franchise on this list that will almost definitely be on the console. But what I would like to see from a new console outing isn’t another Pokémon offshoot like Pokken or PokePark. I want to see either

1) A main series entry, whether it be a remake like Heartgold/Soulsilver, or a third title for Sun and Moon,

or 2) a new fully HD Pokémon Stadium.


The potential for what they could do with a Pokémon game on the Switch is so massive. It’s hard not to dream. Could we get a new console driven story like Pokémon Colosseum that could be even bigger? Could we get a new Pokémon Stadium type, totally storyless but with the ability to take our time driven teams to the big screen with ease again? Or possible another offshoot title, like (I hope this happens) a sequel to the amazing Pokémon Snap? Or maybe the long talked about Pokémon MMO? Well that will prolly never happen.. but a man can dream. All I know is, I can’t wait to see what’s to come from the series on the Switch.

3. Golden Sun

The two Golden Sun games on the Game Boy Advance were both just high quality especially for their time. The ability to transfer your progress from the first game on to The Lost Age when it came out was a super cool feature, especially since I had spent so much time finding all the Djinn and other secrets. Other unique features such as being able to set the Djinn to your team and almost completely change the way they play was a fun feature as well.

With the already high number of RPG’s coming to the switch, it seems like the perfect time to bring back the series. Sure there was a DS game, and it was good. But they have the opportunity to either make another new game in the series, with an even bigger scope, or rerelease the series again with updated graphics and possibly even things like voice acting and some kind of online play. The idea of a seeing Isaac and co. again is one that brings me back to my early teens and I would love to see this come to fruition.

4. Metroid

Metroid.. we are long overdue for another true Metroid game. Federation Force doesn’t count. We haven’t had a true game in the series since Other M on the Wii back in 2010 and sadly, that game wasn’t good. I’s sure some people liked it and that’s fine, but I was so excited for it and I didn’t enjoy it at all. On the other hand the Prime series was fantastic and I’m pretty sure everyone loves the classic side scrolling entries.

It feels like a great opportunity to bring the series back into the limelight. I would love to see a new side-scroll Metroid game, Super Metroid is easily one of my favorite games of all time. But I would be just as happy with another game in the Prime series. The Joycons could make for easy gameplay in either game type and I think the HD Rumble would make for a neat feature in game. Whatever the case, it’s time to see Samus make a comeback. Make it happen Nintendo.

5. Wave Race

This feels like possibly the least likely option to happen out of the choices, but it’s one of the ones I would like to see the most. I gave a lot of thought to this list and many games came and went before coming up with a final five but oddly, I kept coming back to Wave Race. I used to have a lot of fun playing Wave Race 64 both solo and with my friends. At the time, the game looked beyond phenomenal. That water was just so mesmerizing. The Switch just feels like it is a great time to bring back the series.

We haven’t seen a game in the series since Gamecube, and even that game was really good. With the updated 1080p 60fps of the Switch, I think we could be in for a real treat visually. Plus the HD rumble could add for some really cool “feel the game” type experiences. To be able to feel the jet ski slam back on to the water, to feel the waves as you cruise across the track or to feel your opponent crash into you would just make for an even cooler experience. An experience I hope to have in the near future.

There you have it. These are the five series I would love to see comeback on the Switch. I could have made this list a ton longer. I mean I would love to see the likes of Advance Wars, Earthbound, Mario RPG/Paper Mario (Not a sticker star/color splash type) or even a new Donkey Kong or 1080 Snowboarding. But only time will tell what we have to look forward to. But one thing is clear, the possibilities are endless on the Switch.

Would My Favorite Shows Work as Video Games?

On we try not to stray too much off the topic of video games. The site is dedicated to our love of the industry and we want our site to stay true to that. But sometimes you can’t help but want to talk about other things too. Maybe it’s your favorite sports team. Favorite food. Or maybe it’s your favorite movie or TV show? Well we asked ourselves, “Why can’t these things live in harmony?” The truth is they can! On occasion we may write an article that somehow “fuses” another subject with video games.

For me today, it’s TV shows. Everyone watches TV. It’s just a thing.  With Netflix and chill the ability to binge watch has been elevated to new heights. As my wife and I were doing just that, binge watching a season of a show I started thinking about what it would be like as a video game. Then I just had to share it. So here they are, 4 of my favorite TV shows, and how I feel they could play out as video games.

Breaking Bad

Would it work? Possibly

There’s no denying that Breaking Bad is an amazing piece of television. I’m sure they are out there, but I would be hard stretched to find someone who has watched this show and didn’t love it. The story of the rise and fall of Walter White is just fantastic. But would it work as a video game? I think it could.

There is only one company I would trust with making a Breaking Bad video game. That company is Rockstar. Now anyone who knows me knows I may not be a fan of their biggest titles personally, but I truly respect what they’ve accomplished and just in general as developers. What they do with GTA is phenomenal. There is a reason that it has sold tens of millions of copies.

So how would they make a game based off of Breaking Bad? You play as both of the series antiheroes to accomplish different tasks. In doing so you traverse the city à la GTA’s open world style. You do this to find places to start up your business. Side missions and such are sprinkled throughout the city. Then when there’s action, it goes all Red Dead Revolver – the PS2 prequel to the massive success story that was Red Dead Redemption. The game’s unique western shootout style levels would fare rather well for the action sequences. Not over the top. Can I say that I see this working perfectly? No. It’s just me brainstorming. But with Rockstar at the helm I believe there would be possibility to make a Breaking Bad game work.


Would it Work? Almost Definitely

Frankly, I’m a bit late to the party on Smallville. I’ve never been a big fan of DC super heroes, and especially not of Superman. I’ve just never personally found anything compelling from him as a character. So when Smallville was on TV, naturally I just skipped it. Well, I regret that now. I love this show and for the first time in my almost 30 years of life, I actually have an interest in Superman! So I ask myself, would it work in a video game? I really think it would.
Superman has bad history in the video game world *cough* Superman 64 *cough* I mean frankly, how do you play a game where a character is virtually unbeatable? Well Smallville remedied that and if you’ve ever watched it, you know what I mean. So who do I think should make the game? Our good friends at Telltale Games. They’ve proven themselves as the masters of story telling, and they don’t mind playing with older IPs (Back to the Future, Jurassic Park). I feel like they would stay true to the source material all while making an engaging experience. Honestly you don’t even have to play as Clark to make this game good. You could easily play as His long running sidekick, Chloe Sullivan, and it would be just as entertaining, if not even more so. Working side to side with our titular hero all the while sleuthing her way through a town full of meteor freaks. I really think this is a mashup that could work. But with the popularity of the current DC TV shows plus their attempt at the Justice League with their movies, it’s not one I see happening unfortunately. But a man can dream.

The Office

Would it work? Unlikely

Ok, let’s start off by just forgetting about the less then stellar Diner Dash clone that was The Office game on PC. That game was ugly. So forgetting that, could a game based off the hilarious shenanigans of Michael, Dwight, Jim and the rest of the Office crew work? It would be tough… but maybe.

Picture this, Shin Megami Tensei’s: The Office. Ok, its a reach. But what other team has taken a menial task like going to school, and actually made it something that you look forward to doing? You play as Michael Scott. Day by day you do your everyday type things. You go to work. Or you go to Chili’s to host the Dundies. Or you practice your hockey skills. Each day you do these tasks gives you a chance to get to know your employees better through crazy shenanigans. Implementing a social link system would be something that would work tremendously well in the game. Then at night, you watch Threat Level Midnight. Here is where the action starts. As you get sucked into your world you have to fight through dungeons as Michael and defeat evil enemies such as Goldenface and Toby. Then at the end of each, you unlock another of his many alter egos, like Prison Mike or Agent Michael Scarn himself to summon and fight at your side through a quick improv skit. Hey, I said I was reaching, didn’t I?! But it sounds cool right? This is just what I see and I know it’s never going to happen. But I’ll keep the story going in my mind.

Cowboy Bebop

Would it work? Very likely

If you’ve seen Cowboy Bebop then you know how easily it could work as a game and in truth, it has. Back in 2005 it came to the PlayStation 2 in Japan as an action heavy game with its own unique story. From what I’ve seen it looks really cool, but I’ve never played it since it never came over to the States. So obviously we know it would work as a game, so the question is, could they make a new Cowboy Bebop game in today’s industry and make it work?

I think it would easily work. Who do I think should be at the helm? Square Enix, or more specifically the team behind the most recent Deus Ex games, Eidos Montreal. That team has proven that they know how to write compelling stories with strong action oriented gameplay that would be a perfect setting for Cowboy Bebop. As a bounty hunter, you receive jobs. How you fulfill these jobs is up to you. They are wanted dead or alive after all. Which gives you the chance to make choices and build your character the way you want him. Maybe that character is Spike, maybe it’s your own character just set in the world that has his story intertwined with the crew of the Bebop. Being able to explore different sites throughout the galaxy, see faces both familiar and new, all the while leveling your character and gaining reputation? I think it could be pretty dang fun.

These are just 4 of my favorite shows and the pipe dreams I have of them working as games. They will almost definitely never happen, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love to see it! Do you have a favorite show you would like to see make its way to the video game screen? Fell free to share it in the comments!

Achievements: Why They Matter, and Why I Hope the Switch Has Them

When I was a kid, I remember sitting there and playing Super Star Wars on the Super Nintendo a lot. I loved that game so much. I didn’t have a plethora of games to play at the time so I would replay games multiple times. I recall playing on every difficulty including the painful Jedi difficulty. I remember getting so frustrated but refusing to give up. Eventually I did it. I beat the game on Jedi and when those credits rolled I knew I had done it. I was a Jedi Master.

Fast forward 7 years or so and I’m playing Final Fantasy 9. I decided that it was going to be the first Final Fantasy that I did everything on. EVERYTHING. And so I did. All weapons obtained, all abilities learned and I even beat Ozma. That was such a grind but I did it. I was so proud.

Here we are now, 15 years later, and I’m still proud of those moments. But as I retell these stories I think to myself, “What makes people believe that this is true? I can’t prove it.” Super Star Wars didn’t have save files, and I’ve long since lost my PS1 memory card with that FF9 save file. So all people can do is take me at my word. This very reason is why I love Trophies/achievements and think they are an incredibly relevant part of gaming today.

I know there is still the gamer out there who could care less about their achievement/trophy score. But in my mind it has become a necessity. Being able to brag to my friends that I spent the time to unlock every trophy and got that elusive platinum in Borderlands is such a wonderful feeling. People don’t just have to take me at my word anymore that I spent the time doing it, now I can show them. And let’s face it, as gamers we are a bunch of people that are proud of our accomplishments and should be able to show them off! I’m glad we can.

This brings me to my next point. Since the introduction of trophies on the PS3, trophy hunting has become an enjoyable pastime for me. I like trying to do those impossible tasks that only .2% of the others who have played it have accomplished. Bragging rights, baby. This sadly is something that Nintendo is sorely lacking. I will always play my first party Nintendo games, but if a game comes out on all platforms that I really want, odds are good I won’t pick Nintendo due to this one blaring fact, lack of an achievement system.

Many may say that’s not a good enough reason and that’s fine, I respect your opinion. But that extra bit of bragging rights makes a big difference to me. Now, Nintendo has flirted with achievements a bit. New Super Mario Bros U and Hyrule Warriors both had in-game achievements that you could earn. And Hyrule Warriors could even be posted on the Miiverse! It was a valiant attempt, but not enough. Not having a place to see what games your friends have played and compare your “progress” against them was a disappointment for me. One I hope that the Nintendo Switch fixes.

Whether the Switch has an achievement point system or not will not affect whether or not I get it. I’m getting one day one no matter what. But it will tip the scales back into Nintendo’s favor on multiplatform games again. Back on the GameCube/PS2, I always bought my multi platform games on GameCube. But that has changed. I would love for it to change back though.

Just think about it… You are playing Mario Switch and you play through that underwater level in record time. *Ding* Nintendo Medal unlocked! Or you are playing through Breath of the Wild and you find that last heart piece. *Ding* Nintendo medal unlocked. Now you can brag to all your friends that you put the time into your favorite game series and unlocked the hardest achievements.

With the Switch release not that far away I hope that we find out that they are adding an achievement system. In this day and age it almost feels like a necessity. Whatever the case may be I still can’t wait for the Switch. In the mean time I’ll just be over here trying to get that Final Fantasy 15 Platinum.

2016 Game of the Year

The Game Awards were recently hosted in LA. The gaming community rolled out the red carpet and a large group of games received the honor of a nomination. Some of the categories were pretty standard: Game of the Year, Best Narrative and Best Sound. Others were a little unexpected: Highest Impact and Trending Gamer. While one was a pretty new field: Best VR game. 

When it came to the game of the year, the judges decided this honor belonged to Overwatch, Blizzard’s highly acclaimed team-based FPS. That may be their choice but personally, I would disagree with that decision. 

So what game should have received the accolades? What game receives our prestigious* game of the year award? None other then:

I’ve made no secret of the fact that Naughty Dog’s farewell to Nathan Drake, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, is the game that you need to be playing. If you haven’t played it, do it.
What makes me so determined that this is it? I won’t go into a full review, you can read Krispy’s coverage of that here, but I will say: it has everything… 


You start with an in-game tutorial that blends seamlessly into the narrative. I can’t say enough for developers that are wise enough to build the directions into the game so that I don’t have to sit reading a controller mappings list. But really, it’s barely needed. Some games I can start playing and constantly feel like I’m hitting the wrong button throughout the game because the controls don’t fit me. I know this can usually be fixed with some button mapping configurations, but in Uncharted 4 it wasn’t needed. Everything was just where it should be. 


These characters are brought to life on the PS4 in such beautiful precision. The hard work put in by the artists on this team does not go unnoticed. The cut scenes were movie quality. Early on I found myself doing a double-take because I wasn’t sure if they used live footage. Little details like treads in the dirt and foot prints in the snow weren’t overlooked, neither were realistic movements as you parkour from ledge to ledge, or the fluidity of motion as swing from your grappling hook. Each of these things keeps you in the part of Nathan Drake. 


Along with the gameplay and the graphics, the third part of the trifecta was the audio. Naughty Dog did an amazing job tying it all together. It’s not just that each bit of sound was believable, but that the voice actors breathed life into their onscreen digital avatars. Nolan North received the award for best performance, and he definitely deserved it. 


Just like Naughty Dog did with the fourth chapter in their Uncharted series, I’ve saved the best category for last. The narrative was both fun and moving. You can really get behind Nathan as you get to know him and his brother from an early age. It has action, romance, nostalgia, drama, treachery and more. Thankfully none of it feels forced, and you finish the game wishing it wouldn’t end. 


Well that does it – those are a brief list of the reasons why you should be playing Uncharted 4 now, if you haven’t already. If you have, how did you like it? What game do you think deserved to be GOTY? Are you playing the multiplayer mode?

*Self proclaimed.

Five Star Wars Games That are Out of This Galaxy

Super Star Wars

With the release of Rogue One, Star Wars is on the mind yet again! Though for some of us it never left.. But after I watched (and absolutely loved) the movie, I couldn’t help but think of some of my favorite forays into the Star Wars universe in the video game world. This list wasn’t as easy to put together as I thought it would be because there are an insane amount of Star Wars games and so many of them were beyond good. There were some stinkers in the bunch (maybe we will write an article on that in the future) but the majority were just so good. So after much deliberation, here are my 5 personal favorite Star Wars games, listed from oldest to newest.

Super Star Wars

My first Star Wars game and it’s still one of my favorites. The game is loosely (very, very loosely) based off of A New Hope. Whereas some events are the same, like the trench run and, well that’s pretty much it. There was no scene in the movies where Luke fights a Sarlacc or fights a lava beast in a Sandcrawler. But this outlandishness almost adds to the game.

Out of the SNES trilogy of Star Wars games I can’t even say this one was the best. But for me it’s the most memorable. I’ll never forget the feeling of accomplishment I had when I finally beat the game on Jedi difficulty. Now I can’t even beat it on easy! The game is just fun though. Once you get your lightsaber it’s even more fun! Then you get to play as either Han or Chewie and you’re sold! If you haven’t played it before give it a shot, there’s a lot to love! Just be prepared for some grossly unfair deaths.

Shadows of the Empire

This game…. ooooohhhh, this game. I remember looking at the previews for it in issues of Nintendo Power and being so excited. Then finally it came out, and it didn’t disappoint.

Empire Strikes Back was my favorite of the original trilogy and when Shadows starts off and you get to recreate the Battle of Hoth, that moment completed my childhood. Finding out there was a whole story between Empire and Return was what introduced me to the expanded universe and skyrocketed my already strong love of Star Wars.

Everything about this game from the battle of Hoth, to the swoop bike “race”, to the battle with IG-88 was just beyond memorable. My memories for this game are so fond and because of this game the words “wampa stompa” forever have use in my life.

Jedi Power Battles

Man, this game was fun. I remember going over to Bigfoot’s house when we were kids and playing it for the first time. Hours and hours of fun ensued.

This game taught me who Plo Koon and Adi Gallia were which alone started me down the path of prequel trilogy expanded universe. The games simple hack and slash combat system and basic leveling system leave much to be desired. But being able to play as a Jedi with your friend in tow is a concept that we still very much love to this day. I would kill (not literally) for a sequel today.

Rogue Squadron 3: Rebel Strike

Whereas I wouldn’t say this is my favorite of the Rogue Squadron series this entry had something that put it over the edge for me: Multiplayer.

The first Rogue Squadron was awesome as far as dogfighting in an X-wing and all my other favorite Star Wars vehicles go. It’s sequel, Rogue Leader, was even cooler with the updated graphics of the GameCube. Then came Rebel Strike. Frankly, I wasn’t blown away by this one as much as I was by the other two, until I played the co-op. Being able to play through the campaign of Rogue Leader with a friend was awesome and made for a super good time! It’s one of the many reasons I keep my GameCube hooked up all the time. Now if we could just get a new entry in the Rogue Sqaudron series…

Knights of the Old Republic

When KOTOR was coming out, it almost didn’t seem real. A fully immersive Star Wars RPG where you create your character and get to choose the path he/she goes down? I mean, yes  it was done to an extent in Star Wars: Dark Forces 2 Jedi Knight, but not to this extent.

Being able to become a Jedi/Sith and learn force abilities, get to know your crew and mostly decide your own fate… was just amazing. It still is. The game gave us an amazing story with some plot twists that were very unique for the time and not to mention Darth Revan. It’s sequel was good, but not as good as the original. KOTOR was great in its own right, but a third game in the series would bring joy to the masses.

So there you have it, my favorite Star Wars games. There are many other that I love a ton for their own reason (Kyle Katarn is enough reason to love the Jedi Knight games alone) but these ones just have the best memories for me. Like always I look forward to see what’s on the horizon for Star Was games and hope to see some more enjoyable entries in the future. You love any of these games as well? Want to talk about your favorite Star Wars game? Feel free to let us know in the comments!

Four Point and Click Games to Keep on your Radar

With new games coming out on the regular it’s hard to know what to play sometimes. What should I keep on my radar and be excited for? What game(s) will be worth my hard earned buckazoids? Well since this month is Point and Click month here at Almost Perfect we decided to compile a list of four of the point and click games we are super excited for, and feel you should be too! Check them out.

1. Full Throttle Remastered

One of the best point and click games from the 90’s is getting a fantastic looking remaster. In Full Throttle you play as Ben Throttle, leader of the biker gang, the Polecats. If you are familiar with the works of the great Tim Schafer, you are fimiliar with how great his games are. They are always fun highly humorous adventures that are be hard to put down. Full Throttle leads the pack in that regard.

If you’ve played any of the other fantastic remasters of the last few years (Day of the Tentacle, Grim Fandango) you have an idea of what to expect here. Polished up new graphics with the option to seamlessly switch between new and old never gets old. Even though this is a remake of a 20 year old game, its easily one you should be looking forward to when it comes out in 2017.

2. Space Venture

This is one I have been very excited for for quite awhile. It’s being created by the Two Guys from Andromeda, the legendary Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy. These guys literally helped pioneer the point and click genre with The Black Cauldron and the Space Quest series. If you haven’t played them you NEED to play the Space Quest series and you NEEd to be excited for Space Venture.

Space Venture is the closest thing to a new Space Quest as the Andromeda Guys can get to creating due to them not owning the rights to the series. But its clear where the inspiration is. In Space Venture you play as Ace Hardway and from what I’ve seen, he seems to have that same oafish charisma that Roger Wilco always had. Not to mention the game is bringing back the Narration of the great Gary Owens and some other fantastic voice acting talents. Unfortunately it has taken a bit longer to come out then anticipated due to some hiccups but when it comes out I have no doubt it will be worth the wait, and should definitely be kept on you watchlist.

3. Thimbleweed Park

The games on this list are being created by gaming royalty.  It feels like we are back in the hayday of the point and click genre and adding a game to the list thats being created by the one and only Ron Gilbert solidifies that Point and Click games are back with a vengeance.  The man created some of the most memorable games in the genre including Maniac Mansion (Of which he also created the SCUMM engine for the game. That engine went on to be used on most point and click games from that point on) and the first 2 Monkey Island games.

Now he is working on Thimbleweed Park and it looks amazing. The only game on the list I’ve had the opportunity to play so far (I was able to play it at PAX Prime this year) and I have to say it feels so fantasticly nostalgic and incredibly fresh at the same time. The game plays comedic homage to TV shows such as the X-Files and Twin Peaks and does so in stride. As you try to solve the mysteries of Thimbleweed Park you switch through the five playable characters each with their unique set of “skills”. If you haven’t seen anything on the game yet go to If you are a fan of point and click games I guarantee this is one you will want to keep a watch for as it comes out in 2017.

4. TellTale’s Guardians of the Galaxy

TellTale may be the newest name on this list, but they are less then new to the genre. They could be credited with having a huge hand in the recent revival of the point and click genre. The Walking Dead episodic game was hands down one of the best games that came out in 2012, winning many game of the year awards, and they have a rich library of other fantastic point and click adventure games that should be checked out.

Their most recently announced one based off of the Guardians of the Galaxy has us intrigued. The blockbuster movie showed fans of the comics and newcomers alike why they should like those characters and the chance to play as them and make choices for them in a TellTale game has us itching to try it out. There isn’t much to go off of yet on this one but just given the history here, it will be great.

Well there you have it. These are just a few of the Point and Click games we feel strongly about this coming year and can’t wait to get our hands on them. Hopefully checking this out will give you a chance to look into them a bit more! Anything not on this list you feel we should be excited about as well? Sound off in the comments and let us know!

Win a Copy of Gurumin 3D!

UPDATE: This contest has now concluded. Thank you to all for your entries! Look forward to more contests like this in the coming future!


2016 was a whirlwind of great titles. We hope you had a chance to enjoy some new and some retro. We feel that if we helped you to find something to play, then our year was successful. With that in mind we have partnered with Mastiff to offer you a copy of Gurumin 3D! You could rush to the Nintendo eStore to buy it (We thought it was worth it), or follow the rules below:

  • Contest is open starting 12/12/2017 until 12:00am PST 1/1/2017
  • No purchase is necessary, and will not increase your chances of winning.
  • Open to all US residents, because I’m not sure this code will work for anyone else.
  • Grand prize is one (1) copy of Gurumin 3D for the Nintendo 3DS, redeemable thru the Nintendo eShop. Total value of the prize is $14.99.
  • Odds are determined by number of entries. Maybe it’ll be 1:1000000, maybe it’ll be 1:10.
  • Winner will be selected by random drawing on Jan 1, 2017, and will be contacted by whatever method the winning entry was made. Winner will be posted on this post and our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook feeds.
  • Selected winner will be disqualified if they are not found to be following AlmostPerfectGamer when announcement is made, at which time another winner will be selected.
  • Follow us on Twitter at AlmostPerfectG1 and retweet the announcement along with a comment of what your favorite game of 2016 was for 1 entry
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  • Tag a friend! If you tag a friend and they enter, you’ll get another entry and of course they get an entry too. Don’t be taggin’ fake accounts!
  • Read the review! We enjoyed playing it and want to tell you why. Go to our site, read the review, and then look for the animated gif of in-game screenshots near the bottom. Use our site’s contact page to tell us the last item in Parin’s inventory. You’ll get 1 entry for this.


Bigfoot’s Picks 2016

We only have so much time in our lives.  Everyone starts the day with the same amount of hours, but then you subtract sleep, eating, work (or school), spending time with family, pretty soon you’re left with that small sliver of time that you’ve set aside for yourself. Don’t waste it! If you’re going to spend some of that on video gaming (and why wouldn’t you?) then you should have a quality game picked to fill the time.

So many exciting titles came out in 2016, but we agreed to highlight just five of them and here are mine:

This War of Mine: The Little Ones 

Every once in a while you play a game, watch a movie, read a story that hits your core. It doesn’t let go when you turn it off for the day. That’s what TWOM did for me. It’s a survival game inspired by the siege of Sarajevo in the 90s, but don’t expect to play as a special ops soldier bent on protecting his home. You’re in charge of managing a ‘family’ of refugees who are seeking shelter in one particular house.  You might start the game with a cook, an ex-militant and a sickly old man; or maybe with a house wife and a musician, then hope to have some other people come along. I often wonder (and hope I never know) what I would do, and how I would react in a situation like this. Would I freely accept and help others, or be weary of stranger’s intentions?

In the game you have to go scavenge for supplies – careful to avoid raiders, else you’ll need to fight or run, board up your house for defense, and build tools. But don’t forget that people get bored, you’ll also want to fix guitars or radios for entertainment. One of the more interesting things I found about This War of Mine was the human factor. Most games, if you had to kill a raider, no one would bat an eye. In this game though your character (as well as the rest of the household) is plagued by the consequences.

In the end, you hope to survive long enough for help to arrive. Hopefully with your lives and your humanity.  You’re given a short story of what happens to your group, and then get to start again… but even though you restart, some of those scars stay with you for long after you’ve stopped playing.

Farcry Primal Cover

Far Cry Primal

Primal was amazing, intense, and very different than the usual first person shooters that get churned out yearly. My wife picked this up as a gift and we spent nights running around Oros, collecting, hunting, and otherwise saving our tribesman and being awesome. You play from a first person point of view, and it’d likely be classified as a shooter, but usually you’re going hand to hand against whatever it is that’s trying to eat you today. On top of the action is an adventure aspect in that, if you’re a collector, you can choose to go spelunking in search of cave paintings and other trinkets. Even after all the hours I spent playing I could (and still need to) go back and finish collecting everything for the PSN trophy.


Stardew Valley

I first picked up Harvest Moon when I was in high school, it was the Super Nintendo version, and initially thought ‘Why would anyone want to spend time farming in a game?’ And then I started playing, got hooked, and spent hours and days playing along side Krispy. Fast forward over 15 years and we come across Stardew Valley. Like many, my first thought was ‘Harvest Moon clone…’ but it’s proved to be much more than that. It’s also a farming game, sure, but it’s a refreshing take on things and so very worth your time in playing. My recommendation, grab a friend, load it up on a couple systems and play together. It’s great trying to learn all the in and outs together.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Deus Ex, in general, holds a nostalgic place in my heart as it was one of the earliest FPS/RPG crossovers that I can remember playing – it’s kinda like the nü metal of the gaming world, huh? I absolutely love being able to collect points and upgrade different abilities – yes, we’ve been doing that in RPGs forever, but this is an action game! The first one was great, Human Revolution was better, and then Mankind Divided took that tried and true formula and amped it up. Everything about this game is dialed up to 11. The action is epic… The hero, Adam Jensen, is so cool… and the new body augmentations, instead of feeling banal, are super fun. It doesn’t feel like a chore to learn how to use your new powers either, as this new game makes use of an in-game tutorial system that lets you retry until you get it. Pick it up, plug in, upgrade, and go – you won’t regret it.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

This final hurrah to Nathan Drake and friends was everything we could’ve asked for – the action, the story, twists and turns, explosions, car chases, voice overs, humor… everything was on point. I came on to Uncharted long after it was released, 2 and 3 were already out! But I never got around to finishing 3 – now after seeing some of Drake’s back story I want to go back and flesh out some of these characters that I’ve come to love. Isn’t that one of the great things about Uncharted? You’re not just a heartless hero on a platoon of faceless soldiers, or a lone cowboy out for revenge – Naughty Dog does an unreal job of, well… making the characters real, they come to life and you can really get behind them. When someone back stabs you, it hurts because you are Nathan Drake. When you find your treasure a small string is pulled in your heart because it’s you that found a treasure. Well done Naughty Dog, well done.

Krispy’s Favorites 2016

These are just five of the many games that came out this year that I really beyond enjoyed. This wasn’t an easy list to make with plenty of other games that I thought about putting on here. These are just the five that I’ve played that have left the biggest impact on me this year. Have you played any of these titles yourself? Feel free to sound off in the comments about what you did or didn’t like about these games and share some of your favorites as well!



I always feel that one of the biggest mistakes we can make is to judge something before we truly give it a chance. Which is a mistake I’m honestly afraid many people will make with Gurumin 3D on the 3DS.

From a quick glance Gurumin may look like a cutesy game for a younger audience, but that is far from the truth. The things I loved about Gurumin weren’t that it was complex or overly deep, but instead its rather simple approach and its pure grab at nostalgia by playing so similarly to some of the best action RPG’s of the PS1 era. With a rich world of intriguing characters and environments, a steep difficulty and some just straight fun gameplay, Gurumin 3D is a game that I truly enjoyed and I’m sure if you give it a chance, you will too.


Pokemon Moon/Sun

Pokemon and I have a long history together. I was on the Pokemon train from day 1 when Blue and Red came out and have never stopped playing. The series hasnt always kept my interest but I never stopped playing it. Since Gen 2(Gold and Silver) I’ve felt the series has had hits and misses, though I always play them all.

In come Sun and Moon. These are the first in the series in quite a long time to truly mix up the formula. Gone are the days of Gym Leaders, in come the Trials. Which give the series a nice bit of new flavor that really refreshens it and makes it even more interesting. I have found myself easily wanting to raise many new Pokemon, something I don’t find to be easy each Generation, and even looking forward to re-raising some of my old favorites with the new Alolan forms. Pokemon Sun/Moon have really revitalized my love for the series and I look forward to continuously coming back to Alola to explore and Catch ‘Em All.


Tokyo Mirage Sessions

Persona 4 on the PS2 was one of my favorite gaming experiences on the system. So naturally when I heard that the Persona team was working on a new RPG for the Wii U, and with the Fire Emblem team at that, needless to say I was beyond excited. What followed was a RPG with one of the coolest soundtracks in recent memory and one of the most unique battle systems I’ve played in quite some time.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions doesn’t play as closely to Persona as I initially had hoped. The lack of a true social link like system was a bit disappointing. Not to mention the game definitely won’t be winning any awards for its story or character development. But the battle system was so fun I was always excited to turn the game back on and play just to continue to try to figure out new combos and see how long I could make combos chain together. Plus the music video like cut scenes were a rather unique and really cool idea that provided some truly catchy songs. If you have a Wii U and are looking for a good RPG to play, TMS should not be over looked.

Ratchet and Clank (PS4)

Have you ever been super late to a party, and even though you have a blast when you get there, wonder what all you missed while you were busy being late? That was my experience to the PS4’s remastering of the original Ratchet and Clank.

I had never played a game in the series until this one and I loved it so much, it got me itching to go back and experience the adventures I missed. The game looks so gorgeous and the characters were ones I actually enjoyed playing as. The versatile array of weapons from the Sheepinator to the Pixelator (My personal favorite) made for fun battles throughout.

This was a game I enjoyed enough to immediately play through again after I finished just so I could 100% it and get that platinum trophy! Here’s to hoping that the years to come see some of its sequels being reimagined as well.

Stardew Valley

On paper when you have game about farming, it just doesn’t sound like it will be a terribly interesting game. Yet it turns out then when done right, it really is. Stardew Valley wasn’t my first foray into the worlds of virtual farming. Harvest Moon 64 is to this day still a game I enjoy popping in my N64 and playing. A big part of that reason being though that other then it and it’s pseudo sequel Harvest Moon Back to Nature on the PS1, I just haven’t had much interest in what the series has brought to the table since. Not for lack of trying I might add.

In comes Stardew Valley, a game that is so much more then a Harvest Moon clone. Stardew Valley thrives in everything from its main farming theme, to the rather real backstories of the characters, and even its very rich dungeon crawling aspects. I found myself wanting to go back to a new village and farm for the first time in almost 15 years. Because of Stardew Valley I don’t see myself needing to go back to those classic Harvest Moon’s any time soon.