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Bigfoot’s Picks 2016

We only have so much time in our lives.  Everyone starts the day with the same amount of hours, but then you subtract sleep, eating, work (or school), spending time with family, pretty soon you’re left with that small sliver of time that you’ve set aside for yourself. Don’t waste it! If you’re going to spend some of that on video gaming (and why wouldn’t you?) then you should have a quality game picked to fill the time.

So many exciting titles came out in 2016, but we agreed to highlight just five of them and here are mine:

This War of Mine: The Little Ones 

Every once in a while you play a game, watch a movie, read a story that hits your core. It doesn’t let go when you turn it off for the day. That’s what TWOM did for me. It’s a survival game inspired by the siege of Sarajevo in the 90s, but don’t expect to play as a special ops soldier bent on protecting his home. You’re in charge of managing a ‘family’ of refugees who are seeking shelter in one particular house.  You might start the game with a cook, an ex-militant and a sickly old man; or maybe with a house wife and a musician, then hope to have some other people come along. I often wonder (and hope I never know) what I would do, and how I would react in a situation like this. Would I freely accept and help others, or be weary of stranger’s intentions?

In the game you have to go scavenge for supplies – careful to avoid raiders, else you’ll need to fight or run, board up your house for defense, and build tools. But don’t forget that people get bored, you’ll also want to fix guitars or radios for entertainment. One of the more interesting things I found about This War of Mine was the human factor. Most games, if you had to kill a raider, no one would bat an eye. In this game though your character (as well as the rest of the household) is plagued by the consequences.

In the end, you hope to survive long enough for help to arrive. Hopefully with your lives and your humanity.  You’re given a short story of what happens to your group, and then get to start again… but even though you restart, some of those scars stay with you for long after you’ve stopped playing.

Farcry Primal Cover

Far Cry Primal

Primal was amazing, intense, and very different than the usual first person shooters that get churned out yearly. My wife picked this up as a gift and we spent nights running around Oros, collecting, hunting, and otherwise saving our tribesman and being awesome. You play from a first person point of view, and it’d likely be classified as a shooter, but usually you’re going hand to hand against whatever it is that’s trying to eat you today. On top of the action is an adventure aspect in that, if you’re a collector, you can choose to go spelunking in search of cave paintings and other trinkets. Even after all the hours I spent playing I could (and still need to) go back and finish collecting everything for the PSN trophy.


Stardew Valley

I first picked up Harvest Moon when I was in high school, it was the Super Nintendo version, and initially thought ‘Why would anyone want to spend time farming in a game?’ And then I started playing, got hooked, and spent hours and days playing along side Krispy. Fast forward over 15 years and we come across Stardew Valley. Like many, my first thought was ‘Harvest Moon clone…’ but it’s proved to be much more than that. It’s also a farming game, sure, but it’s a refreshing take on things and so very worth your time in playing. My recommendation, grab a friend, load it up on a couple systems and play together. It’s great trying to learn all the in and outs together.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Deus Ex, in general, holds a nostalgic place in my heart as it was one of the earliest FPS/RPG crossovers that I can remember playing – it’s kinda like the nü metal of the gaming world, huh? I absolutely love being able to collect points and upgrade different abilities – yes, we’ve been doing that in RPGs forever, but this is an action game! The first one was great, Human Revolution was better, and then Mankind Divided took that tried and true formula and amped it up. Everything about this game is dialed up to 11. The action is epic… The hero, Adam Jensen, is so cool… and the new body augmentations, instead of feeling banal, are super fun. It doesn’t feel like a chore to learn how to use your new powers either, as this new game makes use of an in-game tutorial system that lets you retry until you get it. Pick it up, plug in, upgrade, and go – you won’t regret it.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

This final hurrah to Nathan Drake and friends was everything we could’ve asked for – the action, the story, twists and turns, explosions, car chases, voice overs, humor… everything was on point. I came on to Uncharted long after it was released, 2 and 3 were already out! But I never got around to finishing 3 – now after seeing some of Drake’s back story I want to go back and flesh out some of these characters that I’ve come to love. Isn’t that one of the great things about Uncharted? You’re not just a heartless hero on a platoon of faceless soldiers, or a lone cowboy out for revenge – Naughty Dog does an unreal job of, well… making the characters real, they come to life and you can really get behind them. When someone back stabs you, it hurts because you are Nathan Drake. When you find your treasure a small string is pulled in your heart because it’s you that found a treasure. Well done Naughty Dog, well done.

Krispy’s Favorites 2016

These are just five of the many games that came out this year that I really beyond enjoyed. This wasn’t an easy list to make with plenty of other games that I thought about putting on here. These are just the five that I’ve played that have left the biggest impact on me this year. Have you played any of these titles yourself? Feel free to sound off in the comments about what you did or didn’t like about these games and share some of your favorites as well!



I always feel that one of the biggest mistakes we can make is to judge something before we truly give it a chance. Which is a mistake I’m honestly afraid many people will make with Gurumin 3D on the 3DS.

From a quick glance Gurumin may look like a cutesy game for a younger audience, but that is far from the truth. The things I loved about Gurumin weren’t that it was complex or overly deep, but instead its rather simple approach and its pure grab at nostalgia by playing so similarly to some of the best action RPG’s of the PS1 era. With a rich world of intriguing characters and environments, a steep difficulty and some just straight fun gameplay, Gurumin 3D is a game that I truly enjoyed and I’m sure if you give it a chance, you will too.


Pokemon Moon/Sun

Pokemon and I have a long history together. I was on the Pokemon train from day 1 when Blue and Red came out and have never stopped playing. The series hasnt always kept my interest but I never stopped playing it. Since Gen 2(Gold and Silver) I’ve felt the series has had hits and misses, though I always play them all.

In come Sun and Moon. These are the first in the series in quite a long time to truly mix up the formula. Gone are the days of Gym Leaders, in come the Trials. Which give the series a nice bit of new flavor that really refreshens it and makes it even more interesting. I have found myself easily wanting to raise many new Pokemon, something I don’t find to be easy each Generation, and even looking forward to re-raising some of my old favorites with the new Alolan forms. Pokemon Sun/Moon have really revitalized my love for the series and I look forward to continuously coming back to Alola to explore and Catch ‘Em All.


Tokyo Mirage Sessions

Persona 4 on the PS2 was one of my favorite gaming experiences on the system. So naturally when I heard that the Persona team was working on a new RPG for the Wii U, and with the Fire Emblem team at that, needless to say I was beyond excited. What followed was a RPG with one of the coolest soundtracks in recent memory and one of the most unique battle systems I’ve played in quite some time.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions doesn’t play as closely to Persona as I initially had hoped. The lack of a true social link like system was a bit disappointing. Not to mention the game definitely won’t be winning any awards for its story or character development. But the battle system was so fun I was always excited to turn the game back on and play just to continue to try to figure out new combos and see how long I could make combos chain together. Plus the music video like cut scenes were a rather unique and really cool idea that provided some truly catchy songs. If you have a Wii U and are looking for a good RPG to play, TMS should not be over looked.

Ratchet and Clank (PS4)

Have you ever been super late to a party, and even though you have a blast when you get there, wonder what all you missed while you were busy being late? That was my experience to the PS4’s remastering of the original Ratchet and Clank.

I had never played a game in the series until this one and I loved it so much, it got me itching to go back and experience the adventures I missed. The game looks so gorgeous and the characters were ones I actually enjoyed playing as. The versatile array of weapons from the Sheepinator to the Pixelator (My personal favorite) made for fun battles throughout.

This was a game I enjoyed enough to immediately play through again after I finished just so I could 100% it and get that platinum trophy! Here’s to hoping that the years to come see some of its sequels being reimagined as well.

Stardew Valley

On paper when you have game about farming, it just doesn’t sound like it will be a terribly interesting game. Yet it turns out then when done right, it really is. Stardew Valley wasn’t my first foray into the worlds of virtual farming. Harvest Moon 64 is to this day still a game I enjoy popping in my N64 and playing. A big part of that reason being though that other then it and it’s pseudo sequel Harvest Moon Back to Nature on the PS1, I just haven’t had much interest in what the series has brought to the table since. Not for lack of trying I might add.

In comes Stardew Valley, a game that is so much more then a Harvest Moon clone. Stardew Valley thrives in everything from its main farming theme, to the rather real backstories of the characters, and even its very rich dungeon crawling aspects. I found myself wanting to go back to a new village and farm for the first time in almost 15 years. Because of Stardew Valley I don’t see myself needing to go back to those classic Harvest Moon’s any time soon.

Top Ten Favorite Pokemon

Almost Perfect's Top Ten

Who Doesn't Love a Top Ten List?

Top ten lists are all the rage. I mean, who doesn't love seeing their favorite things categorized into just the "ten best"?

At Almost Perfect  we are going to do just that. We love to share our personal top tens with each other and now we are going to share our top tens, or close to it, with the Everygamer.


Top 10 9/10/16


These days just about everyone has Pokemon on the mind. "Going" from one gym to another, all in the name of Valor, Mystic and Instinct, catching their favorite Pokemon.

We've been playing Pokemon since day 1 and we definitely have our favorites. That's what today's Top Ten is dedicated to: Our personal favorite top ten Pokemon.


#10 Mewtwo

It just didn't feel right to compile a list of my favorite Pokemon and NOT include Mewtwo. He is the final boss of the original games as it was. Not the Elite Four. Not that short lived champion rival of yours. Mewtwo.

I bet you would be hard pressed to find anyone who played the original Pokemon games and didn't plow through the Elite four with Mewtwo afterwards. Not to mention that all the years later, he's still one of the toughest Pokemon in competitive game-play.

His spot on this list has been well earned.


#9 Cubone

Cubone has a pretty depressing sad story. Always longing after the mother that was taken away far too soon.

Yet that doesn't prevent him from being a certified bad-ass. Being one of the first Pokemon to have its own signature moves in Bone Club and Bonemerang, also a hold item that doubles his strength, it could be said that Cubone has a "Very unique set of skills".

From the very first time I caught him I couldn't deny his adorable yet ultra cool style, and he's been one of my favorites ever since.


#8 Gogoat

Gogoat has the unique privilege of being the newest Pokemon to appear on this list. I'm not a purist, I just have a lot of love for the earlier Gens. But he deserves his spot on my glorious list.

I mean, look how cool Gogoat looks! Learning moves like Horn Leach make him even cooler. Its hard to deny his grassy pelt and wild eyed stare. He may not be the strongest of Pokemon, but he's got it where it counts.


#7 Crobat

Crobat comes from rather humble roots. In the first gen neither Zubat or Golbat were able to shine. They were nothing more then an annoyance in every cave you had to go through.

Then in gen 2 came Crobat, one of the original friendship evolutions, and a real powerhouse of a Pokemon. Evolving him was kind of fun in itself and dang it, he was fast!

Still very usable in today's competitive meta, Crobat has been a Pokemon I've used almost every time I've played through a Pokemon since his beginning.


#6 Toxicroak

Toxicroak goes right up there wit Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan as being a Pokemon you would not want to run in to in a back alley. But even worse since he can poison the heck out of you!

I wasn't a huge fan of Gen 4, It's easily my least favorite of all the generations of Pokemon. But from the first time I saw Croagunk I was intrigued. I've raised a Toxicroak almost every generation since, and I'm never disappointed.


#5 Squirtle

There's something to be said about firsts. People always remember their first time going to Disneyland, or the first time they had their favorite food, and I'm sure most people remember fondly their first Pokemon.

For me, it was Squirtle. I'll never forget looking through the 3 starter Pokemon and just knowing that I neeeded to start with him. Then demolishing Brock with him and watching him evolve into Wartortle. Memories in gaming I'll truly never forget.

Plus Squirtle pretty much created the term Squad Goals. #Squirtlesquad


#4 Lanturn

Water and Electric typing. It doesn't get much cooler then that.

With Lanturn's typing, massive HP and access to moves like Aqua Ring and Heal Bell, it is truly one of the most clerical Pokemon in the game. Lanturn isn't one of those Pokemon I used the first time I played through Gold & Silver, rather my love of water type led me to stumble across him in later gens and start using him much more religiously.


#3 Butterfree

Ahhh Butterfree. Where do I even start? Butterfree is the Pokemon that I've probably used more then any other in any game.

I counted when I started writing this article, and I currently have 8 of them in my boxes, all at level 100. Just from different play thrus. Needless to say, I like Butterfree. It's definitely not one of the stronger Pokemon in the game but that doesn't mean it's not useful. It never gets old schooling a newbie's choice legendary with my Butterfree and seeing that look on their face.

And how else was I supposed to catch an Abra each time I played through my copy of Blue? Sleep powder for days.


#2 Houndoom

With the introduction of Dark type in Generation 2 I was itching to use one in my team. I remember flipping through the players guide at the store, looking at the few types they had and seeing him there... He was dark, he was fire, and he was a dog. I was determined to use him as soon as I could.

You know what sucked? Realizing I couldn't catch it until pretty much THE END OF THE GAME. Nonetheless I've always loved using Houndoom in my team. And with the introduction of Mega Houndoom there was even more usability there. He may not be the most powerful Dark or Fire type, but man, does he look awesome.


#1 Vaporeon

Here you have it folks, my all time favorite Pokemon. Out of the 721 Pokemon as of the time of this article, this is it. Vaporeon.

If you couldn't tell by this list, if I was a Gym leader, I would have a water Gym. I love water Pokemon, always have and always will.

Vaporeon was the first Eveelution I chose and I'll never forget being absolutely amazed by his massive HP. He became my wall. Plus he learned Acid Armor which was just fun to use! I've used him competitively multiple times and he's always done me proud.

Vaporeon was also the first Pokemon I ever took the time to Shiny Hatch, and I still have him with me to this very day.

There you have it, my personal top ten favorite Pokemon of all time. Want to add your two cents? Maybe tell us some of your favorite Pokemon? Feel free to share in the comments below!