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Metroid: Samus Returns Review

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge fan of the Metroid series. Ever since I played Super Metroid as a young lad, I have always had a strong fondness for the series. But since the release of Metroid: Other M on the Wii, we have been in the midst of a Metroid drought. And Other M wasn’t exactly the best note to leave the franchise in limbo on. But maybe that’s a story for another time. After this extended period without Metroid, many of us started to wonder when we would ever see another entry in the series again. Then in comes E3 2017. Not only do we get the announcement of a new entry in the Metroid Prime series, but also a remake of the classic Gameboy title, Metroid: The Return of Samus, and it was just months away.

The day is here. After years of waiting we finally have in our hands a new Metroid, and it is an adventure that proves to have been worth waiting for. The game, though being a remake, has introduced many new ideas and revamped many aspects of the original. Was it worth the wait?

Yes, yes it was. The game is jam packed with hidden areas and collectables to find, so it’s Metroid. The new features like the ability to counter enemies attacks, the 360 degree free aiming and the new “Aeion” abilities are all a great addition that add a certain level of excitement throughout the game. From beginning to end the game is a rather exciting troll through Planet SR388 and a great remake of the classic it is based off of.

The Good:

  • Playing as Samus in a return to the 2D play style just feels right again. Controls are smooth and responsive.
  • They did a great job giving Samus personality through the small, voiceless cutscenes. One scene in-particular proved she is still a certified badass.
  • First game in a long time where I actually enjoyed having the 3D on. All the background activity was a nice touch to bring life to the planet.
  • The soundtrack is wonderful. Has that epic spacey Metroid vibe we’ve grown to love.
  • THE BABY METROID. I want one.

The Not as Good

  • The diversity in enemies is a bit slim for a Metroid entry. Especially with regards to the bosses.
  • Some content, whereas not necessary to the game, is locked behind the purchase of the Samus Returns Amiibo’s. Which is only made worse by their short supply at the time of this writing,

If you are a fan of Metroid, you should absolutely buy this game. Honestly if you are a fan and haven’t bought it already go out and do it! We have been begging the Big N to revisit the franchise and they finally have. And it is a very worthy trip back to the galaxy.

Pokémon Sun/Moon Review

The night Pokemon Sun and Moon was being released I worked a midnight launch for it to help out a friend at his store. As I’m selling a copy to a younger guy, prolly around 16, I mention to him how I remembered how excited I was for the original Pokemon games and how excited I am for this new entry with its new features and Pokemon. I’ll never forget this next part, he looked at me and said, “Man I wish I was old enough to have been able to play the originals when they came out! My first games in the series were Black and White.” As I handed him his copy it clicked. Black and White. BLACK AND WHITE!! This kid most likely wasn’t even born yet when the originals came out! Now whereas this moment did succeed in making me feel old it did something bigger, it helped me realize just how much staying power Pokemon has. How many series can you say haven’t just survived 20 years in the video game industry, but flourished and grown? Not many, but Pokemon is one that can, and Sun and Moon is the perfect tribute to what the series was, and has become.

I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate their twentieth anniversary then what they did with Pokemon Sun and Moon. There are so many beautiful throwbacks to the earlier entries in the series and so many steps forward in making this a unique entry in the series, and possibly, steps forward to changing up the basic formula that has been in the series for so long.

You start off the game arriving to your new house in the Alola region, which is made up by a series of islands, having just moved here from the good ole Kanto region. From the Ditto pillow in your room to your families pet Meowth, you can get a sense of the throwback love right from the beginning. The game kicks off pretty quick and shows glimpses of what turns out to be a pretty decent story for a Pokemon game, since their stories are usually minimal, and introduces you to some of the games main characters. The games rather bro-like Professor, Professor Kukui, your “rival” Hau and Professor Kukui’s assistant Lillie. All of whom play a rather big part throughout the story. I will say that this game takes the longest of all the games to get you to where you pick your starter Pokemon. But that is a small thing because it all moves very fast. From that point on the game seems to flow in a very well paced manor. Never feeling like its going by to fast or taking to long.

You’ll quickly notice as you progress through the game that Gyms and Gym Leaders are no more. You now instead complete various trials, led by Trial Captains. Trials may have their own unique gimmicks usually ending with you fighting a trial Pokemon, a stronger version of a certain Pokemon surrounded by an aura that strengthens it. After you fight all of the Trial Captains on a certain island, you then fight the island Kahuna. These battles are pleasantly tough and I felt rather accomplished as I finished them. This whole experience is not necessarily better then the Gyms we are so used to fighting in, but it is a welcome change for now nonetheless. It’s just nice to see how Gamefreak is willing to try new things, even when what they had, was established and loved. It shows that they know their games well enough to change the formula up a bit and still create a compelling experience. Each game in the series has always had its gimmicks of sorts, but this was a big change. And it doesn’t disappoint.

In my opinion the area that this game flourishes the most is it’s new Pokemon. Not since the Gold/Silver/Crystal generation of games have I personally had so much trouble deciding what to raise. Not because I wasn’t a fan of the new entries, because I was SUCH a huge fan of so many of the new entries. I know many had their complaints about some of the starters, but I actually liked all three of them and struggled with who to choose. As I usually play through a new Pokemon I will cycle Pokemon in and out has they evolve to fill up my Dex. All the while only having about 2, maybe 3 Pokemon being used in battles. This time It was so much harder. I kept wanting to keep everything in my lineup because I enjoyed using them. Pikipek, Crabrawler, Rockruff, Mudbray and Salandit just to name a few. I thought they looked cool and unique. I liked their attacks and typing. I was just happy with the outcome of this Dex. Not to mention the Alolan forms of some of the original 150! This is one of those things I think Gamefreak did beautifully. Making alternate forms of some of these classics was incredibly cool. It added to my plight of what to raise and it was just unique. This forms to range from the awesome (Marowak) to the strange (Dugtrio) to the downright bizarre (Exeggutor, grass dragon typing??) It was nice seeing some of my old favorites get a nice breath of fresh air. Honestly I hope to see more of this in the future.

Another big new addition are the Z moves. The last gen brought us Mega forms, which were cool enough but I wasn’t a huge fan of. I found Z move sot be more appealing because they can give you a huge advantage, but you can’t spam them. It’s one and done. Teaching your Charizard Solar Beam and then giving it the Grass Z crystal so it can use Bloom Doom is pretty darn cool. Maybe not the most effective use of a once a battle move, but cool! These moves are cool looking (See Snorlax Pulverizing Pancake) and were a very welcome addition to the series. I’m sure that they will have a nice impact on competitive play as well.

After almost 20 years with the series, it amazes me that I always get so excited for the new entry in the series. When Pokemon Blue came out I remember thinking I would never get sick of playing Pokemon. But I also said the same thing about Pog’s and Tamagatchi’s and I have long sense lot, gotten rid of, or thrown those in storage. Yet Pokemon stays strong. I look forward to new releases and think about going back and replaying old entries. That speaks wonders of a games staying power. Pokemon Sun and Moon may not have been my favorite entries in the series, but they are my favorite in a long time. That alone is saying something for a series with nothing but strong entires. This is the game in the series that should appeal to all. Long time players, new comers and those who have been away but want to feel like a kid again. This game is worth owning a 3ds for in of itself. So do yourself a favor, get a copy. Sit there and play it while watching some Saturday morning cartoons. Just enjoy, let go of the stresses of every day life and go back to being a kid with the series we’ve almost all grown up with.

Win a Copy of Gurumin 3D!

UPDATE: This contest has now concluded. Thank you to all for your entries! Look forward to more contests like this in the coming future!


2016 was a whirlwind of great titles. We hope you had a chance to enjoy some new and some retro. We feel that if we helped you to find something to play, then our year was successful. With that in mind we have partnered with Mastiff to offer you a copy of Gurumin 3D! You could rush to the Nintendo eStore to buy it (We thought it was worth it), or follow the rules below:

  • Contest is open starting 12/12/2017 until 12:00am PST 1/1/2017
  • No purchase is necessary, and will not increase your chances of winning.
  • Open to all US residents, because I’m not sure this code will work for anyone else.
  • Grand prize is one (1) copy of Gurumin 3D for the Nintendo 3DS, redeemable thru the Nintendo eShop. Total value of the prize is $14.99.
  • Odds are determined by number of entries. Maybe it’ll be 1:1000000, maybe it’ll be 1:10.
  • Winner will be selected by random drawing on Jan 1, 2017, and will be contacted by whatever method the winning entry was made. Winner will be posted on this post and our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook feeds.
  • Selected winner will be disqualified if they are not found to be following AlmostPerfectGamer when announcement is made, at which time another winner will be selected.
  • Follow us on Twitter at AlmostPerfectG1 and retweet the announcement along with a comment of what your favorite game of 2016 was for 1 entry
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  • Tag a friend! If you tag a friend and they enter, you’ll get another entry and of course they get an entry too. Don’t be taggin’ fake accounts!
  • Read the review! We enjoyed playing it and want to tell you why. Go to our site, read the review, and then look for the animated gif of in-game screenshots near the bottom. Use our site’s contact page to tell us the last item in Parin’s inventory. You’ll get 1 entry for this.


Gurumin 3D

Everyone has heard the phrase, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” It’s a phrase that tends to ring true in many aspects of our lives, and especially video games. Gurumin 3D falls right into that category. On the outside it looks like nothing more then a cutesy game for a younger audience. But once you actually start playing it, you’ll find a deep adventure, filled with exploration, a good sense of humor, and a rather steep difficulty.

Two of my favorite games on the original PlayStation were Threads of Fate and Brave Fencer Musashi. Two Square Enix games that have been almost lost in time. Gurumin feels like a beautiful throwback to those games and other games in its style.

In Gurumin you play as Parin, a young girl with a strong sense of adventure. You start the game off coming to stay with your Grandpa while your parents go out and do their adventuring/treasure hunting. Before long you hear of strange happenings around town and find a small hole that leads you out to Monster Village where you discover the adorable group of monsters. Before long the village is destroyed and the monsters kidnapped, and it’s your job to save them.


This is when the game really starts to thrive. I would be lying if I said that when I finished the first level, a tutorial of sorts, I wasn’t thinking to myself, “This game is going to be too easy.” That thought was quickly dismissed. Every level has a rating system, the better you do, the better your grade and reward. Part of that grade is based off the amount of Game Overs you get. I scoffed at the thought of getting a game over the first few levels. By about level 5 I was trying everything I could to not die so I could get the highest score possible. Then the completionist in me would make me keep playing the levels again until I got an S rank. The better you rank, the better medal you get. Those medals can then be exchanged for rewards. Each level you play has a unique feeling with plenty of hidden areas and goodies to find and difficult baddies to go up against.

The game plays exceptionally well with a decent amount of special moves and weapon upgrades to unlock. The controls all feel very fluid and responsive as you play through the different dungeons and challenges Gurumin has to offer. The characters you interact with are surprisingly compelling and interesting, partially due to the stellar voice acting cast which included Tara Strong and Dee Bradley Baker amongst its ranks.

Now this isn’t to say that Gurumin is without its flaws. The graphics seem a bit dated at times and the camera was less then agreeable at times, occasionally being the reason why I would die.. But the excellent game play, fun storytelling, humor, depth to each level and surprisingly compelling character made those few small hiccups easy to completely ignore for this gamer.


Gurumin may not be a game for everyone, but if you enjoy light hearted adventure with plenty of things to do all set in an Action/RPG type game play, you’ll find a lot to like about Gurumin. The attention to detail is obvious. One thing I really appreciated was that if you jumped and were pressed up against a wall, Parin would run across it matrix style. A relatively small thing sure, but still that kind of attention to detail is rare. Plus the different endings can keep you coming back for more. Not to mention you can easily see that the developers really enjoyed what they were doing with this Gurumin and that alone made the game even more enjoyable.

So if you want a fun game to play on your 3DS, pick up Gurumin. I think you’ll enjoy what it brings to the table.

As an added bonus, if you order this month (October 2016) they’ll throw in a Gurumin Party Time Theme so you can show some Gurumin-love every time you open your 3DS

Animation of Gurumin Themes

Shovel Knight 3DS Review


Everyone has some amount of nostalgia for gaming. Your first console, first game you played, first great story telling experience. Those are things you never forget. Shovel Knight plays off of that level of nostalgia and it does so splendiferously.

Shovel Knight is a shout out to the platfomers of the days of yore. It takes its inspiration from the likes of Mega Man, Ducktales, and Ghosts & Goblins, all the while feeling like a completely unique experience. If you were ever a fan of games in this style you'll most likely end up loving your experience with Shovel Knight. Honestly even if you didn't go up on those games and this is your first foray into this style I would be surprised if you didn't find something to enjoy.

I found quite a lot to love about Shovel Knight as I played through it. The music was fantastic. It had all the goodness of an 8 bit soundtrack. There are many songs on this game that I could have on a play list of video game music that I would listen to over and over again.


The graphics in Shovel Knight exactly what they are supposed to be. Nostalgic. The game looks just like an 8 bit NES game, only with more polish on every pixel, and more detail in each sprite. If you take the time to look at your surroundings you can just see how much time they put into each level, each NPC and each enemy. Each of the members of the Order of No Quarter have their own look that is just on point for each of their levels (Ala Mega Man). My personal favorite was probably Tinker Knight. Not to mention the overhead map. One of my first gaming experiences was playing Super Mario Bros. 3 on the NES with my mom. All these years later I still love that style open world map when its presented in a platformer, and Shovel Knight's doesn't disappoint and looks fantastic.

The story, the simple, is very well articulated. With little story telling you know exactly why you are doing what you are doing. The game has that sense of self awareness that keeps it feeling lively as you continue to play through. I also found it enjoyable to hear the different comments from each of the villagers as you went in to the different towns. Each level is very unique in style with its own set of challenges and hidden areas to explore. I looked forward to going to the new level just to see the level design and the challenges of that level.

Shovel Knight may not be the longest of games, but if you're a completion-ist you will find a lot to do. There are hidden music sheets and other items to find. You will find yourself trying to do the best you can on each level to finish with as much money as you can to be able to unlock more gear or other upgrades. Oh and one of the things in the game I found to be a cool addition was the ability to destroy your checkpoint for an extra dose of cash. A risky move? Sure. But if you want an extra challenge it can add a nice twist to the level you are on.

If you are a fan of old school gaming at it's finest Shovel Knight is easily a game you should dig in to. It has plenty to offer with its main campaign, the option of New Game + and some super tough challenges once you finish the game. Honestly, even if you didn't grow up playing games from the NES, Genesis and SNES era it's a game that you could still easily find much to enjoy in due to its easily accessible yet hard to master style. Shovel Knight is the kind of game that shows just how much talent is in the Indie studios these days and is definitely worth a play.


Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is an ambitious 3DS game with a ton to do. But does it have enough long lasting appeal for you to keep you coming back? Check out our Almost Perfect review.

Animal Crossing is just one of those games that when you try to explain it, it just doesn't sound that fun. But if you've ever sat down and given any of the Animal Crossing games a go, you've most likely seen that the game doesn't need to necessarily make sense to be a ton of fun. New Leaf stays very true to that level of fun.

If you've never played an Animal Crossing game before, the premise is rather simple. You are venturing out on your own for the first time. You start by heading to the town of "enter clever city name here," of which you can pick the layout from some randomly generated maps and then start a new adventure.

When you arrive at the town it doesn't take long for the town's entrepreneur to see a wide-eyed inexperienced youngster to swindle. Before you know it you are forever paying off debts to Tom Nook. But you're going to need a house anyways, so why not do it the easiest way you can with no mon... Err bells!

Once you get past the intro, Animal Crossing truly shines! The game all plays in real time, according to what you have your 3DS clock set to. It's Monday July 7th at 4:52 PM? Then it is in the game as well. Each month and season offer their own activities to look forward to taking part in that help keep the game fun to play for a long period of time.

The amount of things you can do in this game seem endless. There are so many different furniture styles to collect and decorate with. The amount of options to add liveliness to your town are plentiful. Collecting fish, bugs, fossils and art add quite a bit of fun for completionists. The townsfolk can change regularly and prove rather entertaining. Not to mention the multiplayer adds so much to do.

Venturing into a friend's town and trying to sweet talk their favorite townsperson in to moving into your town never gets old! Plus there is the option of going to Tortimer's island with your friends to play mini games, which proves to be a nice distraction.

Animal Crossing truly thrives in its customization. You want your house to look like a dilapidated shack? Go ahead! How about a feudal Japan style home? Be my guest! Those are just a few examples. You can take your town from a quiet village to a bustling city with coffee shops and clubs if you so choose. There truly is a lot of options if you just let your mind and creative abilities go wild!

I've been playing Animal Crossing since it's first North American release on the GameCube and, in my opinion, New Leaf is the current Pinnacle in the series. It's a game that has as much playability as you want it to. It's not your common action-y, shooter type of game. Nor is it a puzzler, platformer or most other things you can think of. It's just Animal Crossing. That fact alone gives it more than enough depth to be worth a go for any 3DS owner.




Bigfoot - I'd almost throw this under sandbox games; So much to do! The best thing is waiting to see what tomorrow brings.