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Queue The Nostalgia: The Dreamcast Just Had It’s 17th Anniversary

17 Years – the Dreamcast just had an anniversary so Krispy and I sat down to breathe in some nostalgia, and talk about one of the greatest consoles ever.

First released in North America on September 9, 1999 to high reviews all around. It had an original list price of $199, a bargain for a game console! It was an innovator in the field with built-in modem for multiplayer support, and would come to host a wide variety of polished games. Dreamcast consoles are still treasured by collectors.


Favorite Memory: There are actually quite a few of them. Bigfoot got a Dreamcast very early after its launch and I remember going over there and playing Crazy Taxi and Toy Commander. Man we had a blast doing so. Some of the multiplayer experience from the system are some of my favorite memories in gaming. Soul Caliber, Marvel Vs Capcom, Power stone, Tony Hawk and others. Gaming memories at its finest.

Favorite Game: This is a rather hard one but if I had to pick just one, Jet Set Radio. The fantastic music, great voice acting, and just super fun gameplay kept me hooked for quite some time. I loved grinding across things and tagging the town. Plus the game still holds up today due to its cell shaded look. Honorable Mentions: Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi. Seeing Sonic in full 3d the first time blew my mind, and Crazy Taxi was just too much fun


Favorite Memory: It wasn’t long after the release of the Dreamcast and we had gone out to Best Buy to pick something up, or window shop, maybe we just liked being hassled by their sales force – I don’t remember! But there it was near the entrance, a kiosk set up with a video game console and a screen. Like a moth is drawn to flame, I, as a young guy, was drawn to the dancing lights flashing on the screen. Who am I kidding with this “young guy” stuff? I’m still drawn to the test consoles. I picked up the controller, which while not as unwieldy as the original Xbox controllers, was still much heftier than it’s predecessor’s – the Genesis – controllers; Pressed the start button and was greeted by The Offspring, like a siren’s song I was drawn in, “YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!”, and that was the beginning of my love for Crazy Taxi. Oh yeah, it was time to make some crazy money. There was plenty of other good times we had, party games with my brothers, using it as an SNES emulator, but this was the memory that sticks in my head when I think of the Dreamcast. Hard to believe it’s been 17 years.

Favorite Game: I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, if you could just listen then it might make sense! I’d have to pick Crazy Taxi as my favorite. I spent so many hours driving around that digital city trying to get people to their destination, rocking out to punk music, trying to get high score on the challenges! Stay tuned for a Top 10 Dreamcast games list and I’ll share some more favorites.

We still have a Dreamcast next to our TV at home, it doesn’t get a lot of play time anymore, but it will always be one of my most cherished video game consoles. Like a memory box, just glancing down at it reminds me of childhood. Take this opportunity to bring out your console, hook it up, and play a game or two with the younger generation to remember how great the Dreamcast is.

Celebrating 15 Years with the GameCube

Growing up I played video games a lot. I mean a lot. Due to some health conditions I had in my early teens I needed to be careful with physical activity so I spent a lot of time inside playing video games. They helped me through hard times, and to make many good memories that have stuck with me through the years. The Nintendo GameCube very possibly holds the record for the most fond memories from any console to date.

The GameCube just had so much to offer. Before its release I remember reading articles on Luigi’s Mansion and Star Wars Rouge Squadron 2 and just being so pumped for its release… Oh, and you can’t forget Super Smash Bros Melee! After all the hours my friends and I had spent playing Smash on the 64, these graphics and roster were mind-boggling, which it proved to be. Not to mention the controller! It was oh so comfortable! It just feels right in my hands. Which is why it’s still my favorite console controller! It’s also why it’s still compatible today even with the WiiU through the adapter! It’s just so good.
When I got my GameCube it came with Luigi’s Mansion and man, I loved that game! Though it was short, it was fun. There were so many quality single player experiences on the system: Super Mario Sunshine, Wind Waker, Star Fox Adventure, Animal Crossing, Tales of Symphonia, Pikmin, Viewtiful Joe, and you can’t forget Metroid Prime. There was a game that blew my mind and kept me engrossed through multiple playthroughs of it’s beautiful world!! This is a list I could keep going on with.
My memories for the system are seemingly endless, but the best memories come from my multiplayer experiences. The countless hours we would spend playing Melee, practicing with different characters, playing on all the sleek new levels (Fourside!!), not to mention the trophy collecting! We did so many matches it’s surprising the disc still works to this day! Then all the time I spent playing Gauntlet:Dark Legacy, Timesplitters 2, X-Men Legends and Phantasy Star Online, just to name the ones I played the most.
I could find a ton to write about on the GameCube. I have many fond memories with multiple systems throughout the years, but none more than the GameCube. Everything I’ve said plays into why I keep it hooked up to my main TV. It’s still just so playable! So thank you for 15 fantastic years GameCube. You’ll always be one of the most memorable consoles for me.