Far Cry Primal (PS4)

Farcry Primal Cover
It's 10,000 B.C. and you're a one caveman wrecking machine... My first delve into the Far Cry series was with one of their spin-offs, titled Far Cry Primal. The story is set in the Stone Age and you're thrown into the role of Takkar, seemingly one of the last of a tribe of Wenja, a group of mammoth hunting cave men who live in a fictional land of Oros.
Ever wanted to be a butt kicking caveman? You got it. 
Ever wanted to have a pet saber tooth tiger and attack owl who follow your every command to "Sic 'em!"? It's here.
Did you grow up pretending to ride woolly mammoth, hunting down enemy tribesman and hurling them through the air? You probably need some help... But you can do that in this game too. 
The premise of this game is that you start out alone in the corner of a LARGE map trying to start a Wenja village with a female that you just met, though you may want to reconsider your choice of life partner... She has a thing for ears.
You're given a main story quest, but really from the get go the world is your oyster. Want to immediately go North and try to brave the Icy tundra? Want to play "Gotta catch 'em all" with the worlds most dangerous creatures? If that's your bag, nobody's stopping you! Get going, young fella!
One of my favorite parts about this game, and a big reason why it doesn't get old, is the skill upgrade tree. You don't just start this game out a human wrecking ball, you need to work your way up. Level up and you get new skill points (and I found they're quite liberal with experience points) As you gain more people in your tribe through story quests, you get different branches of skill tree to upgrade. There was a handful I didn't even bother upgrading, so it's really up to what type of character you want to play.
This game doesn't leave the completionist in you bored, on top of the many animals you'll be tracking down there are Wenja bracelets for you to collect, Daysha hands to find (a hand imprint on a rock, used as location markers), cave paintings, and much more. Many of these are located in caves where you have to parkour through the rocky terrain.
An interesting mode the developers added in, in case you're the kind of gamer who thinks "hard mode is for sissies", you can choose to play the game with only one life... Yes, really! If you die, that's it, game over. Do collect pass go, do not collect $200. If you're hard-core enough to play this mode make sure you leave us a comment below!
Overall I fully enjoyed the immersive experience I had playing Far Cry Primal. It was something I could sit down together with my wife and play after the kid had gone to sleep. I spent many late nights (into the early mornings) running around Oros, and I think you'll enjoy this too.

Note for Parents:
Nudity: Several characters show boobs, not sexually, think National Geographic.
Sex: One couple engage in some cave sex, it's from far off so kinda hard to tell what's going on unless you're a bit older;
Violence: Bloody, violent take downs of enemies; Violence throughout; Can set enemies, or anyone really, on fire.
Language: No language, foul language wasn't created yet.
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