Final Fantasy: A Saga of Greatness

The Final Fantasy series has been around for quite a long time. In that time we’ve seen 14 main games in the series, 2 of which were MMORPGS, prequels and sequels to some of our favorite titles, multiple spinoffs across many platforms and even a few movies. In that time I’m sure everyone has had a chance to pick a favorite in the series. Whether it be one of the more commonly picked choices like Final Fantasy 7, or a more obscure one like Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest on the SNES, you really can’t make a bad choice for a favorite.

Next week marks the release of the 15th title in the series and seems to have given us a lot to be excited for. We have waited a long time for this game and I for one, can’t wait to see how much the wait paid off. With this release just around the corner it has had me thinking about the series as a whole a lot and which game is truly my favorite. The first FF i ever played was 7 and frankly, it changed the way I played, and felt, about video games from that point forward. Even though it wasn’t my first foray into the RPG world, it was the most eye opening for me. From this point on I was hungry for more vast, open world RPGs with the strong narrative that 7 had. So I played the rest of the games in the series that were out at this point (it was already up to 9 by the time I finally played 7, and sadly was never able to get my hands on a copy of 6, and have yet to play it as of the writing of this article.) The one that stuck with me from that point on, that I still think about regularly and replay more then any other FF, is Final Fantasy 8.

That may come as a surprise to many. I know that it is considered to be one of the weaker entries in the franchise by the masses but I can’t help my love for this game. From the first minute of the game I was engrossed. That opening video left me in awe. I wanted to know more about these characters! That rivalry that we got a small glimpse of… And those swords!! I couldn’t wait to dive in and what followed has stuck with me to this day. The game really had so much to offer. The weapons were some of the coolest looking in the series. I mean, yea the buster sword is awesome, but a Gunblade?! The extra flair it added by actually having a command prompt that would make it even stronger if timed right was just awesome.


Characters like Rinoa, Quistis, Zell and Seifer were all so memorable in their own right. I still laugh at the chicken-wuss scene. The Guardian Forces were so cool in this game and to this day are some of my favorite versions of some of the summons. Not to mention Triple Triad!! If you played FF8 and didn’t fully love Triple Triad then maybe you didn’t do it right! I can still turn on FF8 just to play TT. I always have such a blast playing it and getting all the rare cards.


FF8 may not have been perfect. Is the draw/junction system one of the stronger in the series? No. But it did add a certain uniqueness in how you could build your characters. And yes, the last act of the game may have been a bit convoluted. But the game as a whole was just so good. The music, the summons, the characters, the locations, the AMAZING battle between the Gardens and not to mention Triple Triad!! I without a doubt found a lot to love in this game. Maybe if you go back and play it now, some 18 years after its release, maybe you will too. Maybe not. Either way I find it to be one of the most enjoyable in the series.

Whatever your favorite Final Fantasy is, the excitement for a new FF is always invigorating. That hope that this new entry may be as good as your favorite is enough to get excited in and of itself. If you’d like to share with us what your favorite Final Fantasy was or maybe just some of your favorite memories from the series as a whole, do it! Feel free to sound off in the comments below.

From as early as he can remember, Krispy has been a gamer. From the Super Mario Bros 3 on NES to Destiny on PS4 he has been running, jumping, and button smashing across worlds on most major consoles. A few of his favorite games are Super Metroid, Earthbound, and the Uncharted series.

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