Four Point and Click Games to Keep on your Radar

With new games coming out on the regular it’s hard to know what to play sometimes. What should I keep on my radar and be excited for? What game(s) will be worth my hard earned buckazoids? Well since this month is Point and Click month here at Almost Perfect we decided to compile a list of four of the point and click games we are super excited for, and feel you should be too! Check them out.

1. Full Throttle Remastered

One of the best point and click games from the 90’s is getting a fantastic looking remaster. In Full Throttle you play as Ben Throttle, leader of the biker gang, the Polecats. If you are familiar with the works of the great Tim Schafer, you are fimiliar with how great his games are. They are always fun highly humorous adventures that are be hard to put down. Full Throttle leads the pack in that regard.

If you’ve played any of the other fantastic remasters of the last few years (Day of the Tentacle, Grim Fandango) you have an idea of what to expect here. Polished up new graphics with the option to seamlessly switch between new and old never gets old. Even though this is a remake of a 20 year old game, its easily one you should be looking forward to when it comes out in 2017.

2. Space Venture

This is one I have been very excited for for quite awhile. It’s being created by the Two Guys from Andromeda, the legendary Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy. These guys literally helped pioneer the point and click genre with The Black Cauldron and the Space Quest series. If you haven’t played them you NEED to play the Space Quest series and you NEEd to be excited for Space Venture.

Space Venture is the closest thing to a new Space Quest as the Andromeda Guys can get to creating due to them not owning the rights to the series. But its clear where the inspiration is. In Space Venture you play as Ace Hardway and from what I’ve seen, he seems to have that same oafish charisma that Roger Wilco always had. Not to mention the game is bringing back the Narration of the great Gary Owens and some other fantastic voice acting talents. Unfortunately it has taken a bit longer to come out then anticipated due to some hiccups but when it comes out I have no doubt it will be worth the wait, and should definitely be kept on you watchlist.

3. Thimbleweed Park

The games on this list are being created by gaming royalty.  It feels like we are back in the hayday of the point and click genre and adding a game to the list thats being created by the one and only Ron Gilbert solidifies that Point and Click games are back with a vengeance.  The man created some of the most memorable games in the genre including Maniac Mansion (Of which he also created the SCUMM engine for the game. That engine went on to be used on most point and click games from that point on) and the first 2 Monkey Island games.

Now he is working on Thimbleweed Park and it looks amazing. The only game on the list I’ve had the opportunity to play so far (I was able to play it at PAX Prime this year) and I have to say it feels so fantasticly nostalgic and incredibly fresh at the same time. The game plays comedic homage to TV shows such as the X-Files and Twin Peaks and does so in stride. As you try to solve the mysteries of Thimbleweed Park you switch through the five playable characters each with their unique set of “skills”. If you haven’t seen anything on the game yet go to If you are a fan of point and click games I guarantee this is one you will want to keep a watch for as it comes out in 2017.

4. TellTale’s Guardians of the Galaxy

TellTale may be the newest name on this list, but they are less then new to the genre. They could be credited with having a huge hand in the recent revival of the point and click genre. The Walking Dead episodic game was hands down one of the best games that came out in 2012, winning many game of the year awards, and they have a rich library of other fantastic point and click adventure games that should be checked out.

Their most recently announced one based off of the Guardians of the Galaxy has us intrigued. The blockbuster movie showed fans of the comics and newcomers alike why they should like those characters and the chance to play as them and make choices for them in a TellTale game has us itching to try it out. There isn’t much to go off of yet on this one but just given the history here, it will be great.

Well there you have it. These are just a few of the Point and Click games we feel strongly about this coming year and can’t wait to get our hands on them. Hopefully checking this out will give you a chance to look into them a bit more! Anything not on this list you feel we should be excited about as well? Sound off in the comments and let us know!

From as early as he can remember, Krispy has been a gamer. From the Super Mario Bros 3 on NES to Destiny on PS4 he has been running, jumping, and button smashing across worlds on most major consoles. A few of his favorite games are Super Metroid, Earthbound, and the Uncharted series.

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