Galaxy of Heroes (Mobile)

Galaxy Of Heroes cover

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Remember that one scene in Star Wars where Boba Fett led a rag tag team made up of Chewbacca, Anakin Skywalker, Qui Gon Jinn and Luminara? They were an impressive force to deal with… such a great movie. No? That never happened? Well it should’ve, and that’s one of the fun things about Galaxy of Heroes. 

In GOH you unlock and upgrade characters via shards, which are collecting by fighting battles or by purchasing them. Each character has a rating between 1 and 7 stars, which can be upgraded by collecting more shards. 

In addition to rarity level (the stars), each character can reach a maximum level of 85 (until they increase the level cap), and you can “build” better gear for your characters through collecting hardware pieces. Each of these pieces contribute to making your character stronger. In a semi-recent update “mods” were introduced. 

Mods were an interesting addition because, while everyone who has a certain character starts at predefined baseline stats, you could now increase the stats of a weak skill, or strengthen an already powerful skill, it’s really up to you. It allows for a whole new level of customization.  

The game is not a boring, one-dimensional fighter. It takes a great deal of strategy to put together characters who have synergies and feed off each other. One character may have a strong ability to stun, but be slower than a 56k modem – but then you assign a different character with a leader skill that raises everyone’s speed. You might take a character who seems useless, but combined with the right group could be a part of an unstoppable force. 

The last large update brought ship battles, which means you need to spend some of your energy to unlock ship blueprints, which can also be increased to 7 stars, and a level of 85. In addition, the star level, character level, gear level and mods of the pilot increase the power of the ship. Each fighter can only be flown by a preassigned pilot. Only Poe Dameron can pilot Poe’s X-Wing, for example. 

Overall I’d say it’s one of my favorite Star Wars mobile games, and definitely one that I’ve spent the most time on. I think you’ll enjoy it too! If you’re already a player, make sure you shoot us a message in the comments so that we can exchange ally requests!

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