Krispy’s Favorites 2016

These are just five of the many games that came out this year that I really beyond enjoyed. This wasn’t an easy list to make with plenty of other games that I thought about putting on here. These are just the five that I’ve played that have left the biggest impact on me this year. Have you played any of these titles yourself? Feel free to sound off in the comments about what you did or didn’t like about these games and share some of your favorites as well!



I always feel that one of the biggest mistakes we can make is to judge something before we truly give it a chance. Which is a mistake I’m honestly afraid many people will make with Gurumin 3D on the 3DS.

From a quick glance Gurumin may look like a cutesy game for a younger audience, but that is far from the truth. The things I loved about Gurumin weren’t that it was complex or overly deep, but instead its rather simple approach and its pure grab at nostalgia by playing so similarly to some of the best action RPG’s of the PS1 era. With a rich world of intriguing characters and environments, a steep difficulty and some just straight fun gameplay, Gurumin 3D is a game that I truly enjoyed and I’m sure if you give it a chance, you will too.


Pokemon Moon/Sun

Pokemon and I have a long history together. I was on the Pokemon train from day 1 when Blue and Red came out and have never stopped playing. The series hasnt always kept my interest but I never stopped playing it. Since Gen 2(Gold and Silver) I’ve felt the series has had hits and misses, though I always play them all.

In come Sun and Moon. These are the first in the series in quite a long time to truly mix up the formula. Gone are the days of Gym Leaders, in come the Trials. Which give the series a nice bit of new flavor that really refreshens it and makes it even more interesting. I have found myself easily wanting to raise many new Pokemon, something I don’t find to be easy each Generation, and even looking forward to re-raising some of my old favorites with the new Alolan forms. Pokemon Sun/Moon have really revitalized my love for the series and I look forward to continuously coming back to Alola to explore and Catch ‘Em All.


Tokyo Mirage Sessions

Persona 4 on the PS2 was one of my favorite gaming experiences on the system. So naturally when I heard that the Persona team was working on a new RPG for the Wii U, and with the Fire Emblem team at that, needless to say I was beyond excited. What followed was a RPG with one of the coolest soundtracks in recent memory and one of the most unique battle systems I’ve played in quite some time.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions doesn’t play as closely to Persona as I initially had hoped. The lack of a true social link like system was a bit disappointing. Not to mention the game definitely won’t be winning any awards for its story or character development. But the battle system was so fun I was always excited to turn the game back on and play just to continue to try to figure out new combos and see how long I could make combos chain together. Plus the music video like cut scenes were a rather unique and really cool idea that provided some truly catchy songs. If you have a Wii U and are looking for a good RPG to play, TMS should not be over looked.

Ratchet and Clank (PS4)

Have you ever been super late to a party, and even though you have a blast when you get there, wonder what all you missed while you were busy being late? That was my experience to the PS4’s remastering of the original Ratchet and Clank.

I had never played a game in the series until this one and I loved it so much, it got me itching to go back and experience the adventures I missed. The game looks so gorgeous and the characters were ones I actually enjoyed playing as. The versatile array of weapons from the Sheepinator to the Pixelator (My personal favorite) made for fun battles throughout.

This was a game I enjoyed enough to immediately play through again after I finished just so I could 100% it and get that platinum trophy! Here’s to hoping that the years to come see some of its sequels being reimagined as well.

Stardew Valley

On paper when you have game about farming, it just doesn’t sound like it will be a terribly interesting game. Yet it turns out then when done right, it really is. Stardew Valley wasn’t my first foray into the worlds of virtual farming. Harvest Moon 64 is to this day still a game I enjoy popping in my N64 and playing. A big part of that reason being though that other then it and it’s pseudo sequel Harvest Moon Back to Nature on the PS1, I just haven’t had much interest in what the series has brought to the table since. Not for lack of trying I might add.

In comes Stardew Valley, a game that is so much more then a Harvest Moon clone. Stardew Valley thrives in everything from its main farming theme, to the rather real backstories of the characters, and even its very rich dungeon crawling aspects. I found myself wanting to go back to a new village and farm for the first time in almost 15 years. Because of Stardew Valley I don’t see myself needing to go back to those classic Harvest Moon’s any time soon.

From as early as he can remember, Krispy has been a gamer. From the Super Mario Bros 3 on NES to Destiny on PS4 he has been running, jumping, and button smashing across worlds on most major consoles. A few of his favorite games are Super Metroid, Earthbound, and the Uncharted series.

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