Mighty No. 9


The game broke records because it reached its Kickstarter goal faster then any other game. But does that make Beck's adventure one worth playing? Check out our Almost Perfect review.

The story behind the creation of Mighty No. 9 was phenomenal. Keiji Inafune, the mastermind behind the Megaman series, announces the game and that it was able to be backed on Kickstarter. Within 2 days it reaches its funding and by the time its over, had surpassed it by 400%. Truly remarkable. The game seemed destined to succeed.

It ended up being delayed quite a few times before finally being released. Those delays show in what ended up being the final version of Mighty No 9. Am I saying that No 9 is a terrible game? Not necessarily, but its not necessarily good either. In Mighty No 9 you play as Beck, the 9th of the Mighty number robots. Long story short there has been a virus released and it has turned all your other Mighty brethren evil. Now its your job to stop them.

The problem with MN9 is that it just doesn't feel very heartfelt or inspired. I love the Megaman games. I always have. They are difficult yet rewarding, each level is unique in style with enemies you look forward to fighting. Plus the characters are compelling. MN9 offers none of these things. Im a huge fan of classic looking games. With indie games these days the look of old school games is back in full force. The art in MN9 is just not for me. Everything looks plastic, and not in an endearing way. The levels feel rather uninspired. Yes, each one does have a tone that directly connects to it's boss but that doesn't save it from being boring.

I'd say the best part of the game is the controls and play style. Everything works rather smoothly. You jump, Beck Jumps. You shoot, Beck shoots. You dash, Beck dashes. But that doesn't save the game from being just kind of uninteresting. Though the dashing system was fun at times. Dashing into your enemies, after shooting them a few times, will change their color, then you can dash into them and collect them as Xel, which in turn gives you temporary enhancements. Plus theres a combo meter... which is always kind of fun!


I'm not saying I completely disliked MN9. There were points where I found myself having some fun, I actually enjoyed doing the challenges. I just kind of expected the game to feel more unique. Even if it was destined to be a Megaman clone! I went in to this game knowing that the reviews for it had been quite negative, still excited to play it. But there was no denying the game just didn't live up to its potential. Not to mention how many times the game froze in the middle of a level. I can't say I would recommend MN9 unless you are just desperately looking for a platformer to play and have worn out your other options. Even then, go in slightly weary. You never know though, maybe it will be the game for you.

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