Old Time Hockey Review

Here’s the thing about Old Time Hockey, it’s very true to it’s title. It is a game about Hockey, in the kinda “old time” setting of the 70s. Now that was before my time, but I still expected the game to be more like the 50s or so. But nonetheless, it really does capture that feeling that I assume is what hockey in the 70s looked like. It is to be commended for that.

Were you a fan of the Arcadey sports games in the 90s/00s? Then I can see you loving Old Time Hockey. The game definitely is reminiscent of the old NFL Blitz and even more so, the NHL Hitz series. It does a pretty decent job or recapturing that feel, all well making sure to do it in it’s own unique way.

The things the game does well, it does exceptionally so. The Career mode is rather clever and well done. I found the creation of the Bush Hockey League and the fact that they didn’t hold back on content to ensure an E rating refreshing. And the collectible cards in the game of its fictional characters were a neat addition. There was just something missing for me as I played, and for me I think it was the controls. There are 3 different control settings: two button, advanced, and beer mode. I played mainly with the two button. It did simplify the controls enough to help me have a more enjoyable experience. As far as the advanced controls, I never got the true hang of them.. maybe I’m just not advanced enough.

The graphics and character design are to me, a bit lacking. Sometimes I found them exceptionally hard to look at. I know it was what the game was aiming for, and they do hold true to their old time feel, which I respect a lot. The game also never toted that it was a graphically impressive game. But I just found the look hard to stomach sometimes.

What impressed me about Old Time Hockey is that the things the game does right, it does exceptionally right. I love the callback to old school couch co-op that the team at V7 Entertainment used as a focal selling point for the game, and said multiplayer does work. Plus the inclusion of the beer mode control scheme I mentioned earlier, made specifically for you to be able to hold a beer in one hand and play with the controller in the other, was ingenious. The career mode and creation the Bush League Hockey work well in this game. And frankly I love that they made this game very real, and the mature rating sells that point.

Old Time Hockey may not be my favorite game or my go to sports game, but when looking for a fun multiplayer game that’s rather easy to pick up and play, it will be added to the list. Especially if we’ve had a few beers! It’s not without its flaws, but Old Time Hockey is some good old time fun.

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