Space Quest 4: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers (PC) Review


If you’ve spent much time on APG, at this point you most likely realize that Bigfoot and I have been friends for a rather long time. About 25 years actually. That was before I even started Kindergarten. Crazy right? Ok I’m not just trying to get all nostalgic on everyone here, there is a point. The first time we ever hung out together all that time ago was at his house. What did we do? We played a little game called Space Quest 4. Now up to this point I hadn’t played many PC games, I had mainly only played on Nintendo. But this game blew my mind and stuck with me till this very day.

Since December’s monthly genre is Point and Click I thought what better way to start off the month on my end then writing a review for the game that definitely proved to be a stepping stone for this site. Over the last 20 years I have played the SQ series a lot and have grown to love them all (Yes I even enjoy the ones without original SQ creators Scott and Mark, though not as much as 1-4) but my absolute favorite is the one that introduced me to the series, Space Quest 4:Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers.


“Are you Roger Wilco?” “Uhhh, yeah.”

In SQ4 you continue to play as the series hero, Janitor extraordinaire and all around lovable guy, Roger Wilco. The game starts out with Roger in a Cantina/Bar, bragging about all of his heroic accomplishments to whoever will listen, rather they want to or not. Before he knows it he’s being yanked outside by the “Sequel Police” to find out his arch nemesis, who he thought was long gone, was still very much alive and was hungry for revenge. But before you know in come two mysterious strangers with overdeveloped hairdryers who before they have any time to explain whats going on throw you in a portal that then starts your time traveling adventure.


Go ahead.. Smell that guy! I dare you!

Space Quest 4 is, without a doubt, a point-and-click adventure. Unlike the previous entries in the series, SQ4 is all done by choosing an action and then clicking where you’d like to use it. Gone are the days of typing in your commands. Want to put your hand in a mysterious hole? Go ahead! Want to bug a guy in a crowded game store where they are waiting for the Two Guys From Andromeda to sign copies of their latest release? Don’t just beat it even if they call you a jerk, do it! Want to touch yourself there? Well it is a family game, but you can sure try! Half the fun in the game is trying the different options in every way possible. It sure makes for some funny one-liners! Not to mention since the game is all narrated by the great Gary Owens all of those quips and one liners are even more humorous!

As you play through the game you will find yourself traveling through time and while doing so, traveling into the timelines of different SQ games spending almost no time in the actual SQ4 timeline. instead playing in SQ10,12 and even going back in time to the barren wasteland that is Kerona from SQ1, EGA graphics and all. The locales are fantastic each offering fun areas to explore and some fantastic story telling and narration. The whole Space Quest 10 part of the game will always live in my mind as some of my favorite video gaming moments. From the ever so attractive Latex Babes, to exploring the stores in the Galaxy Galleria Mall, the game doesn’t disappoint. I mean you literally dress up as a woman at one point to use her ATM card! Oh and the mini games in SQ4 are so good. Ms. Astro Chicken proves to be an even better “sequel” of the Astro Chicken game from SQ3, and the part time job you get at Monolith Burger is both fun and challenging! Oh and talking to the condiments proves to add even a bit more extra fun to the game. (This being where I learned that ketchup has more sugar then ice cream… See its educational!)


Another thing that makes the game so great is all the death sequences that can play out and the humor in both the scenes, and game over text to follow. Normally you aren’t supposed to die in games… but in Space Quest, its almost encouraged! Go ahead and get yourself shot or walk off that edge! You’ve just got to know what that game over screen says! Just don’t forget to save first!


One of many hilarious death sequence possibilities

If you can’t tell I love this game. The graphics, while somewhat dated (I mean the game is 25 years old) still hold up surprisingly well. The music and voice acting were totally on point. The whole SQ series is one of those rare examples of games that were way ahead of their own time with both narrative and humor that still hold up today. Oh and did I mention there is a point system? Yea its there. It has no effect, to my knowledge, on how the game plays out, but it sure adds some fun in trying to figure out how to get the 315 possible points. But amongst all the greatness in SQ4 one of the best parts to me is the story. The other games up till this point hadn’t been story heavy per say, and really neither is SQ4. But the story that is here is so compelling and unique leaving the player with questions that we still hope we will get answers to one day and a future for Roger that we desperately would love to see play out.

SQ4 isn’t just one of my favorite point and click games, its one of my favorite games of all time, from one of my favorite series of all time. Period. If you’ve never played the SQ series, do yourself a favor and play it. I doubt you will regret it. If you have, let us know your thoughts on the series in the comments!

From as early as he can remember, Krispy has been a gamer. From the Super Mario Bros 3 on NES to Destiny on PS4 he has been running, jumping, and button smashing across worlds on most major consoles. A few of his favorite games are Super Metroid, Earthbound, and the Uncharted series.

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