Speculating on the Nintendo Switch

Now that Nintendo has officially revealed its new system and given it an official name, The Switch, we finally have some answers on what the console looks like and some of its features. But with that comes questions and speculations. Here are some of ours:


One of the first thing that comes to mind is the size. Obviously when its docked the screen will be whatever size your TV screen is. But what about when you are playing it as a handheld? Or have it set up as a tablet playing two player games? It’s hard to say without having one in hand but it looks to be about the size of the WiiU gamepad. Screen looks a small amount bigger, and there seems to be less bulk to it. So its bigger then your average Smart Phone. I think just having the option of being able to play on the go is good enough. We will get used to the size.



This is a big one. Nintendo has always been known for being a multiplayer console. Luckily it looks as though the Switch will hold very true to that. Multiple shots throughout the video show multiplayer clips. The option of having it on the go, where the two sections of control come off the tablet and are used as individual controls looks awesome. Two player gaming where ever you go? Yes please! Not to mention the Splatoon part of the video takes place at what looks to be an eSports arena, with each player using their own Switch as their console. Can you imagine the LAN style parties that could come from this?? Welcome back the memories of those Halo LAN parties. It seems to be that the multiplayer options could be plentiful on the Switch. Excited much?

Switch multiplayer


Obviously not too many were shown in the video but it still gave us some to look forward to.
Zelda: Breath of the wild: one we have known was coming to the system for awhile but the video showed a small amount of gameplay and it looks gorgeous. Not to mention it’s playable on the go!!!!
A New Mario: No new Nintendo console is complete without a new Mario game! The few screens we saw showed Mario in a desert like level (Hopefully the evil sun from Super Mario Bros. 3 doesn’t come back!!) and a level in what looks like some kind of town.. It looks pretty and mario always gives something to be excited for!
Splatoon and Mario Kart: On a system with such ease of multiplayer options those are both no brainers. The video doesn’t make it clear if those are new entries in the franchises or ports, but they both showed new features (Mario Kart had King Boo and the ability to hold two items instead of one, Splatoon showed new hair styles and what looked to be a new map) which could mean new entries.

Skyrim: one of the biggest games of the last console generation is coming to the Switch and those could prove to be huge for Nintendo. They haven’t had an Elder Scrolls game on any of their consoles in the past and this shows a lot of trust from Bethesda. If this does well we could see the next Fallout on the console as well. Which would be huge. To play these massive games on the go would be a game changer. Not to mention this gives a lot of hope for Third party support, which we know Nintendo needs.


Please please please have an achievement system!! Nintendo has flirted with the idea of achievements in the past with games like New Super Mario Bros WiiU and Hyrule Warriors having in game achievements. But its time to have a achievement system where it easily shows your accomplishments to any of your friends or strangers that see your profile. Microsoft and Sony have been doing this for awhile and gamers, including myself, love having this as an option. I have bought games and played them way more then needed just to get achievements. In this day and age it’s a borderline necessity. So heres to hoping we see achievements on the Switch.


There are a ton of questions remaining… how will online play be? Will the console be in any way backwards compatible? Will they have virtual console games? Will we see more Third Party support? Is this where we finally get our Pokemon MMO??? Hopefully we will get even more answers in the days to come. Keep checking back with us here at Almost Perfect for the latest news on the Nintendo Switch.

From as early as he can remember, Krispy has been a gamer. From the Super Mario Bros 3 on NES to Destiny on PS4 he has been running, jumping, and button smashing across worlds on most major consoles. A few of his favorite games are Super Metroid, Earthbound, and the Uncharted series.

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  1. Aleph says:

    I think almost everything we’ve learned about the Switch had been “revealed” before the official announcement, but the possibilities of local multiplayer seemed to come out of nowhere. So excited!!!

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