Splatoon 2 Review

When The first Splatoon came out I don’t think anyone knew what to truly expect. And it’s unlikely many expected it to be as much of a success on the system as it was. But a success on the Wii U, wasn’t much of a success sadly.

Out comes the Switch. The first video we ever saw, on the day they announced that the Nintendo Switch was its official name, they showed Splatoon in that demo reel and even with the minimal details we got that day, you could tell Splatoon was going to get the attention it deserved finally. With the Switch’s break out success, Splatoon’s sales will definitely be at a place they should always have been at, because Splatoon 2 is a fantastic follow up to its predecessor.

If you aren’t familiar with Splatoon here is a very quick synopsis. You play as an Inkling. Whether you pick a boy or a girl, they play the same. You can transition from you human-like form into a squid and swim through your color ink seamlessly to both move fast and recharge you ink. Your goal? To cover everything with ink and splat anyone who tries to stop you! Many may write this game off as a childish shooter, but its layers of depth, and just pure fun should be plenty of reason never to be one of those people.

If you played the original Splatoon you know one mode well, Turf Wars! They have made a glorious return! With a decent amount of levels to play on and plenty of weapons, both new and old, Turf War is even better then before. The shooter concept boiled down to the simple seeming idea of covering turf works so well, it’s hard to stop after just one match. You always find yourself saying just one more! Because the formula just works so well! The Ranked and League battles add even more to keep you coming back for more. And with the occasional Splatfast that The Big N plans on supporting for years to come, Turf War is easily better then ever. But this time around, Turf War isn’t the only mode and in my opinion, isn’t the one that shines the brightest..

That would be the new mode, Salmon Run. If you’ve ever played Horde Mode in Halo, or Zombies in COD, you’ll have a slight idea of what you have in store with the Salmon Runs. You’re goal is to collect golden eggs and deliver them at the drop point. You only get golden eggs from the many different bosses that come up. Some bosses aren’t too problematic, others are oh so frustrating (Im looking at you Flyfish!) But each one of them always feels great to beat and gather those gold eggs! The better you do during the online battles, the higher your pay rate goes, which helps you get bonuses quicker and quicker! These range from coupons to get boosts to experience and coins, to even getting exclusive gear! This makes taking part in Salmon Runs even more worthwhile. Where I feel the Salmon Run mode really shines is the sense of camaraderie that you get working with others to beat these runs! As the difficulty gets higher, you have to play even smarter and communicate even better. I’ve got to say, playing this local with 3 other friends with Switches is prolly my new favorite thing to do on my Switch! The actual online Salmon Run isn’t always running, which is a bit of a disappointment since it is so good. But you can always play it locally as long as you have other friend’s with Switches around.

There’s even a single player story mode to play through if you are looking for something to do in your spare time. It’s not great, but it’s better then the first Spaltoon’s single player offerings.

Splatoon 2 may not be everyone’s cup of ink. But if you have even the most remote interest in shooter types, give it a try. The game is just a ton of fun when you get going. It makes for easy pick up and play sessions and the multiplayer, both online and local, is just a blast. The amount of gear you can obtain and the versatility in the weapons give plenty of different play styles to experiment with. All in all Splatoon 2 is a game that should be in the collection of most Switch owners


If you are looking for a good multiplayer experience for your Switch, Splatoon is it. It’s a good take on the common shooter genre. There is plenty of content to keep you coming back and with Nintendo planning to support the game in to the future, Splatoon should have a nice long life on the Switch.


  • Fantastic Multiplayer
  • Salmon Run is a Great New Mode
  • New Weapons Are a Nice Addition
  • Local Mulitplayer with Multiple Switch’s Works Very Well
  • Nintendo Plans to Support the Game for Years to Come
  • The Story Mode has Much More Content Then the First Games.


  • But the Story Mode is Still an Obvious Afterthought
  • Connection Stability Can be a Problem
  • Too Many Connection Issues and they lock ya out for a bit.


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