Super Metroid Retro Review (SNES)

"The last Metroid is in captivity. The galaxy is at peace." Super Metroid is widely considered one of Samus Aran's greatest outings. Does it still hold up? Here's our Almost Perfect retro review.

When the NES came out it revolutionized video games, with it came the action platformer. The NES may have pioneered it, but when the Super Nintendo came out is when the genre truly thrived. None more so than the Metroid series.

Super Metroid, the third game in the series, was truly a phenomenal outing. Where the first two were both great games that have proved to stand the test of time, Super Metroid has almost become better with age in just about every way.

The game starts off with a brief synopsis of the first two games and then puts you right into the game. The planet of Zebes is still as beautiful today as it was 22 years ago. The hand drawn animation truly stands up. The colors are beautiful and expressive. From the grassy terrain of Brinstar, the Fiery caves of Norfair to the haunting look of the Wrecked Ship, every area just looks so great to this day.

One of the things that truly amazes me is how well the controls hold up so well. I've played through this game countless times with the SNES control but this last time I played through the game I did so on my WiiU with a Pro Control. The layout was the same as it was on the Super Nintendo controller, just with more grip. I picked it up and was able to play it just like I had 10 years ago. Using the trigger to help with aiming just made so much sense. From jumping and morphing into a ball to lay a bomb, to the devastating screw attack, everything controls like a dream. Now for a new comer some of the less than basic moves may prove to be tricky. Like the wall jump, or using the speed booster to charge into the sky. But once you have practiced a bit, it will be like second nature.

Super Metroid's soundtrack is one that is hard to forget. Each levels song is so memorable and easy to hum either while your playing again, or attempt to sing even though there are no lyrics (cough, Norfair, cough). Does the sound of having low health get somewhat obnoxious? Sure. But the otherwise beautiful soundtrack and well placed sound effects make for an entertaining listening experience that just adds to the game.

The weapons are plentiful, the collectibles add so much to look for and, well... collect. There are boundless enemies all with their own terrific art style and memorable look. The game just has so much to offer. Not to mention the bosses. Kraid, Phantoon, Draygon, Ridley, all those mini-bosses and that AMAZINGLY memorable final battle. Each leaves a truly remarkable experience that will almost surely stay with you after you play it.

If you haven't played Super Metroid, put it on your list of must plays. It truly is that good. If you have played it, hopefully some of my sentiments reflect some of yours. Few games give you an experience with so little verbalized story telling, that yet tells so much story. So whether you've played it before or not, find some time to commemorate Samus's 25 anniversary. Put the game on, plug in some headphones, and bring peace back to the galaxy.


  • Graphics Are still Beautiful
  • The Music Is Just So Good
  • The Faster You Play, The Better The Ending


  • Some Of The More Difficult Moves May Be a Bit Hard For First Timers
  • The Music, Although Fantastic, Sometimes is a Bit Staticy

Bigfoot - So much nostalgia here. Definitely goes on list of top favorite games. I can think of little negative.

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