The Switch: Inital Thoughts

It’s finally here.

We were the ones with our home page set to Nintendo NX rumor pages. Then in October it was announced that this secretive new card in Shigeru Miyamoto’s hand was to be called the Nintendo Switch. Thoughts, dreams, and hopes were flying – what would this new console bring to the table? Like a dry sponge, we were wanting to soak up any new drop of information.

When preorders were opened up in January we took no chances, it was an easy decision. Krispy and I waited outside the store for over 10 hours to slap down some money in order to ensure we were on the list. We were far from alone, as Tatsumi Kimishima revealed in an interview with Time magazine, that “we are seeing that launch day preorders have nearly reached the maximum available.” The only question that we battled with was, do we go with a traditional grey or neon blue and red? Oh, the struggle was real, my friends.

From the moment we signed our names on those preorder slips, Earth seemed to have entered a black hole. Time seemed to go by half as fast as usual. It was unanimously agreed on that March 3rd would never actually get here. Like a bad sequel to Groundhog Day, we seemed cursed to live in the February 2017 for the rest of our lives.

But lo and behold, the day finally arrived, and we were there once again at midnight to pick up the object of our endearment: The Nintendo Switch! Standing in that GameStop you could watch the dreary face of each and every queue-standing customer turn into a stifled grin as they clutched their treasure and rushed out the door. I’m pretty sure I heard at least three geeks utter “My Precious…” as they stroked the box lovingly.

When I got home, it was late… Time, instead of being mind numbingly slow, had decided it had a lot of catching up to do! Suddenly it was 3am and I was supposed to be at work in the morning. I would have to say good night to Link, or maybe I could undock it and play just a little while longer.

Aesthetically, the Switch is beautiful. It’s sleek and clean lines will look wonderful along with your other game consoles. I was really concerned that I wouldn’t like the joy-cons, especially with larger hands. I mean, one of my favorite controllers is the original Xbox controller. “They look tiny… there’s no way those are going to fit well in my hands.” I was positive that the only way I’d be able to play was with the pro controller. I have never been so happy to be proved wrong. While there’s a bit of a learning curve getting to know the button configuration – which is true with any new system – the controllers feel right at home in my hands. I haven’t even bothered to test out the grip that lets you put them both together yet. You can arrange your hands however you like since the two pieces are separate. I tend to not even have my hands raised when playing, rather just keeping them at my side, and it’s super comfortable.

Another concern we had was battery life. I’m more apt to play on the TV, so haven’t had a chance to test it to the full in handheld mode. The joy-cons, though, last for hours of play with no problem. That audible “click” when you pop them back into the console at the end of the night is oh, so satisfying.

Though launch day titles were underwhelming in terms of quantity – Zelda, 1-2 Switch, Fast RMX, Bomberman – they more than made up for it in quality – Zelda, 1-2 Switch, Fast RMX, Bomberman.

Bomberman R has all the features that make Bomberman great: it’s simple concept, easy to use controls, fast and furious gameplay. On top of that it’s just simply a blast to play with a group of friends in local multiplayer battles. The story seems like basic fluff thrown in to fill up some time, but it’s cute animation style and charming characters makes me look forward to the cut scenes.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild, in case you’ve been under a rock for the past month, is gorgeous. They’ve hit the mark perfectly with this one. I can’t emphasize enough, that if you’re going to buy just one game for the Switch – buy Zelda! There is a reason why everyone rates it so highly.

All in all, this launch was a win. I’m enthusiastically watching as Nintendo fills the store up with new games and most looking forward to original Indie multiplayer titles as they are released in the coming months

What did you think of the Switch? Was it worth the time waiting to pre-order? .

Bigfoot has been playing video games for as long as he can remember, he was weaned straight from the bottle on to a Commodore 64 and hasn't looked back since. He enjoys sampling beer and hanging out with his family. A couple of his all-time favorite games are Earthbound (SNES) and Fallout 2 (PC).

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