Would My Favorite Shows Work as Video Games?

On AlmostPerfectGamer.com we try not to stray too much off the topic of video games. The site is dedicated to our love of the industry and we want our site to stay true to that. But sometimes you can’t help but want to talk about other things too. Maybe it’s your favorite sports team. Favorite food. Or maybe it’s your favorite movie or TV show? Well we asked ourselves, “Why can’t these things live in harmony?” The truth is they can! On occasion we may write an article that somehow “fuses” another subject with video games.

For me today, it’s TV shows. Everyone watches TV. It’s just a thing.  With Netflix and chill the ability to binge watch has been elevated to new heights. As my wife and I were doing just that, binge watching a season of a show I started thinking about what it would be like as a video game. Then I just had to share it. So here they are, 4 of my favorite TV shows, and how I feel they could play out as video games.

Breaking Bad

Would it work? Possibly

There’s no denying that Breaking Bad is an amazing piece of television. I’m sure they are out there, but I would be hard stretched to find someone who has watched this show and didn’t love it. The story of the rise and fall of Walter White is just fantastic. But would it work as a video game? I think it could.

There is only one company I would trust with making a Breaking Bad video game. That company is Rockstar. Now anyone who knows me knows I may not be a fan of their biggest titles personally, but I truly respect what they’ve accomplished and just in general as developers. What they do with GTA is phenomenal. There is a reason that it has sold tens of millions of copies.

So how would they make a game based off of Breaking Bad? You play as both of the series antiheroes to accomplish different tasks. In doing so you traverse the city à la GTA’s open world style. You do this to find places to start up your business. Side missions and such are sprinkled throughout the city. Then when there’s action, it goes all Red Dead Revolver – the PS2 prequel to the massive success story that was Red Dead Redemption. The game’s unique western shootout style levels would fare rather well for the action sequences. Not over the top. Can I say that I see this working perfectly? No. It’s just me brainstorming. But with Rockstar at the helm I believe there would be possibility to make a Breaking Bad game work.


Would it Work? Almost Definitely

Frankly, I’m a bit late to the party on Smallville. I’ve never been a big fan of DC super heroes, and especially not of Superman. I’ve just never personally found anything compelling from him as a character. So when Smallville was on TV, naturally I just skipped it. Well, I regret that now. I love this show and for the first time in my almost 30 years of life, I actually have an interest in Superman! So I ask myself, would it work in a video game? I really think it would.
Superman has bad history in the video game world *cough* Superman 64 *cough* I mean frankly, how do you play a game where a character is virtually unbeatable? Well Smallville remedied that and if you’ve ever watched it, you know what I mean. So who do I think should make the game? Our good friends at Telltale Games. They’ve proven themselves as the masters of story telling, and they don’t mind playing with older IPs (Back to the Future, Jurassic Park). I feel like they would stay true to the source material all while making an engaging experience. Honestly you don’t even have to play as Clark to make this game good. You could easily play as His long running sidekick, Chloe Sullivan, and it would be just as entertaining, if not even more so. Working side to side with our titular hero all the while sleuthing her way through a town full of meteor freaks. I really think this is a mashup that could work. But with the popularity of the current DC TV shows plus their attempt at the Justice League with their movies, it’s not one I see happening unfortunately. But a man can dream.

The Office

Would it work? Unlikely

Ok, let’s start off by just forgetting about the less then stellar Diner Dash clone that was The Office game on PC. That game was ugly. So forgetting that, could a game based off the hilarious shenanigans of Michael, Dwight, Jim and the rest of the Office crew work? It would be tough… but maybe.

Picture this, Shin Megami Tensei’s: The Office. Ok, its a reach. But what other team has taken a menial task like going to school, and actually made it something that you look forward to doing? You play as Michael Scott. Day by day you do your everyday type things. You go to work. Or you go to Chili’s to host the Dundies. Or you practice your hockey skills. Each day you do these tasks gives you a chance to get to know your employees better through crazy shenanigans. Implementing a social link system would be something that would work tremendously well in the game. Then at night, you watch Threat Level Midnight. Here is where the action starts. As you get sucked into your world you have to fight through dungeons as Michael and defeat evil enemies such as Goldenface and Toby. Then at the end of each, you unlock another of his many alter egos, like Prison Mike or Agent Michael Scarn himself to summon and fight at your side through a quick improv skit. Hey, I said I was reaching, didn’t I?! But it sounds cool right? This is just what I see and I know it’s never going to happen. But I’ll keep the story going in my mind.

Cowboy Bebop

Would it work? Very likely

If you’ve seen Cowboy Bebop then you know how easily it could work as a game and in truth, it has. Back in 2005 it came to the PlayStation 2 in Japan as an action heavy game with its own unique story. From what I’ve seen it looks really cool, but I’ve never played it since it never came over to the States. So obviously we know it would work as a game, so the question is, could they make a new Cowboy Bebop game in today’s industry and make it work?

I think it would easily work. Who do I think should be at the helm? Square Enix, or more specifically the team behind the most recent Deus Ex games, Eidos Montreal. That team has proven that they know how to write compelling stories with strong action oriented gameplay that would be a perfect setting for Cowboy Bebop. As a bounty hunter, you receive jobs. How you fulfill these jobs is up to you. They are wanted dead or alive after all. Which gives you the chance to make choices and build your character the way you want him. Maybe that character is Spike, maybe it’s your own character just set in the world that has his story intertwined with the crew of the Bebop. Being able to explore different sites throughout the galaxy, see faces both familiar and new, all the while leveling your character and gaining reputation? I think it could be pretty dang fun.

These are just 4 of my favorite shows and the pipe dreams I have of them working as games. They will almost definitely never happen, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love to see it! Do you have a favorite show you would like to see make its way to the video game screen? Fell free to share it in the comments!

From as early as he can remember, Krispy has been a gamer. From the Super Mario Bros 3 on NES to Destiny on PS4 he has been running, jumping, and button smashing across worlds on most major consoles. A few of his favorite games are Super Metroid, Earthbound, and the Uncharted series.

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